Sugar Cane and Sugar in Spiritfarer (Seeds + Uses)

Getting sugar canes
Sugar Cane
Food Type Ingredient
Seeds Bought From Edgeborough Lane Raccoon Shop
Related Facility
  • 2 Sugar Canes (per seed)
  • 1 Sugar (from Crusher)
Buying Price 200 Glims
Selling Price
  • 300 Glims (sugar cane)
  • 400 Glims (sugar)

Sugar Cane falls under the ingredients category of Spiritfarer. You can obtain Sugar Cane seeds from the Edgeborough Lane Raccoon Shop. These are then grown in the field, and after they’re grown you can bring your sugar cane to the crusher to make sugar.

How To Get Sugar Cane Seeds

The Raccoon Shop in Edgeborough Lane is in an old building / Spiritfarer
The Raccoon Shop in Edgeborough Lane is in an old building.

Start by visiting Albert’s Shipyard (X: 61, Y: 64) and purchase the Rock Destroyer Boat Improvement. The upgrade itself requires a number of materials to unlock, and if you don’t have it yet then our full guide to all boat improvements will teach you everything you need for this part of the process.

Once the upgrade is equipped in your ship, head southeast-ish on the World Map until you find the island of Edgeborough Lane, at X: 192, Y: -105.

On the island, walk right until you find a small building with a window and a sign on top of it. This is the island’s Raccoon Shop branch, which will sell you sugar cane seeds for 200 Glims each.

How To Grow Sugar Cane

Harvesting sugar cane in the field / Spiritfarer
Harvesting sugar cane in the field.

Once you have the sugar cane seeds, plant them on your field.

Water accordingly, and the plants should be ready in a couple of in-game days. If you don’t want to wait then you may also play the “Plantasia Fantastica” music minigame to speed up plant growth.

Each sugar cane plant you harvest will give you 2 sugar canes, which you can sell to all of the Raccoon Shop branches for 300 glims each.

How To Make Sugar

Crushing sugar cane into sugar / Spiritfarer
Crushing sugar cane into sugar.

Just take your sugar cane inside the crusher building. You can put in up to 50 of the same item inside the machine, and the minigame consists of just pressing the same button over and over to “crush” the materials.

Each sugar cane you crush in this building will output 1 sugar. That output increases to 2 sugars once the building itself has been upgraded.

Note: Sugar falls under the sweetener category, and can be sold in any Raccoon Shop for 400 glims each or used in the kitchen as an ingredient.


Making sweet coffee with coffee beans and sugar / Spiritfarer
Making sweet coffee with coffee beans and sugar.

Here are all of the recipes that are available to make using sugar:

Dish Ingredients
Cereal Bowl
  • 1 Grain (Any Type)
  • 1 Milk (Dairy) or Sweetener
Fruit Candy
  • 1 Fruit (Any Kind)
  • 1 Sweetener (Any Kind)
Sweet Coffee
  • 1 Coffee Bean
  • 1 Sweetener (Any Kind)
  • 1 Flour (Any Kind)
  • 1 Sweetner (Any Kind)
Sweet Yoghurt
  • 1 Yoghurt
  • 1 Sweetener (Any Type)
Candy 1 Sweetener (Any Type)
Crême Brûlée
  • 1 Egg
  • 1 Sweetener (Any Type)
Sweet Tea
  • Tea Leaves
  • 1 Sweetener (Any Type)
  • 1 Milk (Dairy)
  • 1 Sweetener (Any Type)

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