Cities: Skylines Music Club Guide (How To Unlock + Uses)

The Music Club building in Cities: Skylines
Music Club
DLC Concerts
Building Type Unique Building
Level/Category Concerts
Build Cost ₡45,000
Upkeep Cost ₡480/week
Milestone Required Tiny Town
Entertainment Value 120
Noise Pollution 25
Visitor Capacity 370

The Music Club is a unique building from the Cities: Skylines Concerts DLC.

To unlock the Music Club, you need have 7,500 squares of commercial zone built. You’ll also need to reach the Tiny Town milestone (360 – 1,600 population, depending on the map).

Once these requirements are met, you’ll be able to build the Music Club from the Concerts tab of the Unique Buildings menu.

You can hover over the Music Club’s silhouette in the menu to check your progress / Cities: Skylines
You can hover over the Music Club’s silhouette in the menu to check your progress.

The Music Club synergizes with the Festival Area unique building, which is the main feature of the Concerts DLC.

The same is true for the two other Concerts DLC unique buildings: the Fan Zone Park and the Media Broadcast Building.

Getting 7,500 Squares of Commercial Zone

Painting commercial zones / Cities: Skylines
Painting commercial zones.

To count towards your progress, your 7,500 squares of commercial zoning must be built upon (not just empty zoning).

Commercial zoning tends to have less demand in proportion to residential and industrial zoning.

According to the Skylines wiki, there needs to be 1 commercial worker for every 8 citizens in the city.

So if you have no commercial demand, chances are you simply need more citizens. (No commercial demand usually coincides with some amount of residential demand).

This also means your city will be fairly large before you unlock the Music Club, and you’ll be well into mid- to late-game by the time you have enough demand for 7,500 squares of commercial zoning.

Effects on Your Festival Area Concerts

Just like the Fan Zone Park and Media Broadcast Building, the Music Club also serves as a support building for the Festival Area.

The Music Club supposedly boosts the local music scene, serving as a venue where people can listen to local acts even when there isn’t a concert being held.

Stat-wise, the Music Club increases ticket sales of all concerts by 10%.

This can help if you’re trying to upgrade your Festival Area to 3 stars.

That’s because one of the requirements for the 3-star upgrade is that you sell out a concert at least once.

Is the Music Club Worth It?

Although the Music Club will mean your concerts make more money, there are a couple points to note:

  • Concerts generally don’t earn very large sums of money
  • And concerts also only happen twice a year

So purely in terms of profiting from concerts, it isn’t worth building a Music Club since you have to pay ₡480/week in upkeep.

However, aside from the boost to concert ticket sales, the Music Club by itself is also a pretty good unique building on its own.

Neither its build cost (₡45,000) nor upkeep is very steep, given its fairly high entertainment value (120).

Of course, if your city isn’t very large yet—meaning you’re some ways away from needing 7,500 squares of commercial space—it’s probably not worth trying to rush commercial zoning just for this one building.

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