Bugsy’s Team (Azalea Town Gym) – Pokémon Crystal

Gym Leader Bugsy’s Team
Pokémon Metapod (Lv. 14) Kakuna (Lv. 14) Scyther (Lv. 16)
Type Bug Bug / Poison Bug / Flying
  • Flying (2x)
  • Rock (2x)
  • Fire (2x)
  • Flying (2x)
  • Rock (2x)
  • Fire (2x)
  • Psychic (2x)
  • Rock (4x)
  • Flying(2x)
  • Fire (2x)
  • Electric (2x)
  • Ice (2x)
  • Tackle
  • String Shot
  • Harden
  • Poison Sting
  • String Shot
  • Harden
  • Fury Cutter
  • Quick Attack
  • Leer

Tips for Beating Bugsy

  • Level Up Your Team to Around Level 15: This should make your team as powerful as Bugsy’s, assuming you’ve picked some good moves while leveling up.
  • Bring a Full Party: It’s easy to have a full six-Pokémon party by this point in the game. This gives you an enormous advantage against Bugsy’s three-Pokémon team.
  • Get Some Rock-type Pokémon: Rock-type Pokémon have a resistance against Normal-type moves, which limits Bugsy’s party. Moreover, his entire team is weak against Rock-type moves. Catch a Geodude in the nearby Union Cave or trade a Bellsprout for an Onyx in Violet City to make this fight easier.
  • Defeat Scyther ASAP: The biggest threat in Bugsy’s team is Scyther. Its Fury Cutter move gets same-type attack bonus (2x) and becomes more powerful each time it’s used consecutively. It’s important to neutralize Scyther before Fury Cutter gets too strong.

Rewards for Defeating Bugsy

Bugsy will give you the following rewards after the battle:

The Hive Badge has the following effects:

  • Lets your Pokémon use Cut outside of battle to remove small trees blocking your path
  • Makes sure Pokémon up to Level 30 obey your commands in battle
  • Boosts the Power of Bug-type moves by 12.5%

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