How To Get the Clear Bell in Pokémon Crystal

The real radio director in Goldenrod's Radio Tower

You’ll receive the Clear Bell from the Radio Director at the Goldenrod Radio Tower as thanks for driving Team Rocket out of the tower. This is a sacred item needed to fight Suicune at the Tin Tower in Pokémon Crystal.

But you can only start this quest after Team Rocket takes over the radio tower, which happens after you collect your first seven (7) Gym Badges.

Once you have the Clear Bell you just have to visit the Tin Tower and show it to the monks there to gain access to the inner sanctum where you’ll find Suicune.


The Clear Bell can only be acquired after the Goldenrod Radio Tower Takeover quest is done.

Team Rocket will make their move on the tower after you’ve completed the following tasks:

  • Healed the sick Ampharos in Olivine Lighthouse.
  • Dismantled the Team Rocket Hideout at Mahogany Town with Lance.
  • Collected seven (7) Gym Badges.

You’ll know it’s time to head to Goldenrod City because Prof. Elm calls you on the phone to warn you of trouble in the Radio Tower.

Getting the Clear Bell

The Clear Bell is your reward for completing the Goldenrod Radio Tower Takeover quest.

Here’s an overview of what you need to do to vanquish Team Rocket from the Radio Tower:

  1. Defeat the Team Rocket Exec. on the fifth floor and get the Basement Key.
  2. Use the Basement Key to find the real Radio Director in the Goldenrod Underground and get the Card Key.
  3. Defeat the last remaining Team Rocket Execs. by accessing the locked-down area of Goldenrod Radio Tower from the third floor with the Card Key.

You’ll get the Clear Bell from the real Radio Director immediately after Team Rocket is disbanded.

Receiving the Clear Bell. / Pokémon Crystal
Receiving the Clear Bell.

Using the Clear Bell

You’ll use the Clear Bell to access Suicune in Tin Tower.

The Director actually gives you a clue on where to go next after getting this item. Apparently, there’s something brewing at the Tin Tower.

So you’d head to Ecruteak City and enter the large building in the middle of town, next to the pond. This gate separates the town from the area housing the Tin Tower.

Way to Tin Tower from Ecruteak’s Pokémon Center. / Pokémon Crystal
Way to Tin Tower from Ecruteak’s Pokémon Center.

Beforehand you couldn’t go past this point. But with the Clear Bell, the monks will recognize your worth and grant you passage… after a few Pokémon battles.

Suicune awaits on the first floor of the Tin Tower.

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