Where To Get the SecretPotion Medicine for Jasmine (Pokémon Crystal)

With Jasmine at the top of Olivine Lighthouse (Pokémon Crystal)

The SecretPotion is a powerful medicine needed to heal the sick Ampharos atop the Glitter Lighthouse in Olivine City.

You can get this medicine at the Cianwood Pharmacy on the southern end of Cianwood City. But to cross over to Cianwood from Olivine, you’ll need a Pokémon that can use Surf outside of battle to carry you over the water.


There are only a few things you need to do before picking up the SecretPotion medicine:

  • Get HM03 Surf and teach it to a Pokémon.
  • Talk to Jasmine atop the Glitter Lighthouse so she asks you for the medicine.

Once that’s done, you can begin your journey to Cianwood City.

Optional Prereqs:

There are also a couple things that are not necessary for the SecretPotion, but they will help you come back to Olivine City faster once you have the medicine:

Getting the SecretPotion

Step 1: Reach Cianwood City

The fastest way to get to Cianwood is to exit Olivine toward Route 40 by reaching the western end of the coastline, and then following the western edge of the map down via surfing.

Swimming away from the Olivine coastline. / Pokémon Crystal
Swimming away from the Olivine coastline.

First, Route 40 will take you south.

You’ll see some trainers splashing around in the water, but you can avoid them as long as you stay at a safe distance of at least four steps.

You’ll run into Pokémon like Tentacool and Tentacruel in the waters of Route 40, so try to bring a Grass or Electric-type Pokémon along in your journey.

Swimming past trainers on Route 40. / Pokémon Crystal
Swimming past trainers on Route 40.

You’ll turn west as soon as you enter Route 41.

Crossing from Route 40 onto Route 41. / Pokémon Crystal
Crossing from Route 40 onto Route 41.

You might find Mantine along with the Tentacool and Tentacruel from the last route. It’s a golden chance to catch one.

Keep going until the way turns south again. You’re almost at Cianwood City’s coast.

Last turn before Cianwood City. / Pokémon Crystal
Last turn before Cianwood City.

Finally, swim down until you see the coastline.

Landing in Cianwood City. / Pokémon Crystal
Landing in Cianwood City.

Step 2: Find the Pharmacy and talk to the NPC Inside

The Pokémon Center is just a few steps south of where you made landfall.

Head southwest of the Pokémon Center and you’ll find a small house. This is the Cianwood Pharmacy, as the signpost outside can confirm.

Getting to the Pharmacy from the Pokémon Center in southern Cianwood. / Pokémon Crystal
Getting to the Pharmacy from the Pokémon Center in southern Cianwood.

Enter the house and talk to the bespectacled man sitting at the table.

He’ll give you the SecretPotion after telling him that the Lighthouse’s Ampharos is sick. Now you just have to take this back to Jasmine atop Glitter Lighthouse.

Receiving the SecretPotion. / Pokémon Crystal
Receiving the SecretPotion.

Returning to Olivine City

There are two ways back to Olivine City once you have the medicine:

  • Surfing all the way back through Route 41 and 40.
  • Defeating Cianwood Gym Leader Chuck and then talking to his wife outside the Gym to get HM02 Fly so you can fly back.

You must have gotten HM04 Strength at Olivine Café if you want to reach Chuck and defeat him in the gym. A suitable Pokémon to learn Fly is also a must-have in your party to get back to Olivine faster.

Once at Olivine City, just go back up to the top of the Lighthouse to find Jasmine and the sick Ampharos.

What To Do After Giving Jasmine the SecretPotion

Once you’ve given Jasmine the SecretPotion and she has healed the Lighthouse’s Ampharos with it, she’ll return to Olivine Gym.

This will allow you to face her and her Steel-type team in a Pokémon Battle for the Mineral Badge and TM23 Iron Tail.

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