Brock’s Team – Pewter City Gym (Pokémon FRLG)

Challenging Brock to a gym battle
Gym Leader Brock
Pokémon Geodude Lv. 12 Onix Lv. 14
Type Rock / Ground Rock / Ground
Ability Rock Head Rock Head
Held Item None None
  • Water (4x)
  • Grass (4x)
  • Fighting (2x)
  • Ground (2x)
  • Steel (2x)
  • Ice (2x)
  • Water (4x)
  • Grass (4x)
  • Fighting (2x)
  • Ground (2x)
  • Steel (2x)
  • Ice (2x)
  • Tackle
  • Defense Curl
  • Tackle
  • Harden
  • Bind
  • Rock Tomb

Gym Puzzle Solution

Brock’s Gym doesn’t have much of a puzzle, but you can skip the first trainer battle if you’d like to. Simply walk around them to the left and you can battle Brock directly.

Skipping Camper Liam and challenging Brock directly in the Pewter City Gym / Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen
Skipping Camper Liam and challenging Brock directly in the Pewter City Gym

The first trainer does have a Level 10 Geodude and Level 11 Sandshrew, though, in case you’d like to earn a few extra experience points and test out your party against Ground Types before taking on Brock.

Tips for Beating Brock

  • Level up your party to at least level 12. Brock’s Geodude and Onix are level 12 and 14 respectively, so it’s best if your party is around that level as well. If your Pokémon are significantly lower levels, then Brock’s Rock Tomb will hit like a truck and be much harder to deal with.
  • Use Water, Grass, and Fighting moves. If you chose Squirtle or Bulbasaur as your starter Pokémon, then you’re already in good shape. Squirtle will learn Bubble at Level 7 and Bulbasaur will learn Vine Whip at level 10. If you choose Charmander, you might want to find a wild Mankey and get it to level 9 where it learns Low Kick.
  • If you chose Charmander: Charmander will learn Metal Claw at Level 13, which will give it a fighting chance against Brock. However, Charmander will still be very vulnerable to Onix’s Rock Tomb. Alternatively you could capture a wild Mankey and use its fighting-type advantage instead.
  • Avoid Normal Type Moves and Physical attacks. Geodude and Onix know Defense Curl and Harden respectively, which will render Normal Type moves like Tackle pretty ineffective. Fighting Type moves are an exception, since Onix and Geodude are both weak to the Type.
  • Be careful of Onix’s Bind. I recommend bringing a Potion or Oran Berry if you do plan on fighting a war of attrition against Brock and his Onix. Bind will allow Onix to slowly whither your Pokémon down while it builds up its defense with Harden.

Rewards for Defeating Brock

After defeating Brock, you’ll be rewarded with the following:

  • 1,400 Pokédollars
  • TM39 Rock Tomb
  • The Boulder Badge – Boosts the Attack stat of your Pokémon by 10% and allows you to use the HM Flash outside of battle.


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