Where To Get TM26 Earthquake in Pokémon FRLG

Outside the Viridian City Gym in Pokémon FireRed
TM26 Earthquake
# Location Repeatable?
1 Viridian City Gym – Reward for beating Gym Leader Giovanni No

You will get TM26 Earthquake after you defeat Gym Leader Giovanni in his Gym in Viridian City. This is the only way to get TM26 in the game.

But before you’re able to face Giovanni and win the TM, you must first win the other 7 Kanto gym badges and defeat Team Rocket at the Silph Co. Headquarters in Saffron City.

As for the move itself:

Earthquake is one of the most powerful moves in FireRed & LeafGreen. It hits with 100 base Power and perfect Accuracy.

TM26 Earthquake Location

Step 1: Starting at the Viridian City Pokémon Center, head north through the city.

Head north through Viridian City / Pokémon FRLG
Head north through Viridian City.

Step 2: Continue north through the city and pass by the nearby sign.

Keep west past the Trainer Tip sign / Pokémon FRLG
Keep west past the Trainer Tip sign.

Step 3: Just ahead you’ll spot the Viridian City Gym to the east. But you have to go around the path to reach the entrance.

So head east on the path above the Gym and wrap around towards the entrance.

Head east above the Gym / Pokémon FRLG
Head east above the Gym.
Turn south on the path around the Gym / Pokémon FRLG
Turn south on the path around the Gym.

Step 4: At the end of the path you’ll be able to access the Gym.

If you need help with the Viridian City gym puzzle or with the Giovanni gym battle then check out our walkthrough guide here.

Enter the Viridian Gym to face Giovanni / Pokémon FRLG
Enter the Viridian Gym to face Giovanni.

Step 5: After you defeat Giovanni at the Viridian Gym he will give you TM26 Earthquake and the Earth Badge.

Giovanni giving you TM26 Earthquake / Pokémon FRLG
Giovanni giving you TM26 Earthquake.

TM26 Earthquake Details + Uses

In-game details for TM26 Earthquake / Pokémon FRLG
In-game details for TM26 Earthquake.
Earthquake Move Details
Type Ground
Category Physical
Power 100
Accuracy 100
PP 10

Earthquake is nearly overpowered, as it wreaks havoc with 100 base Power and perfect Accuracy.

It also has a decent PP count of 10, allowing it to be used repeatedly in battle.

Truthfully there are almost no downsides to this move – so it’s a fitting TM to win from your 8th and final gym fight.

And no matter what your team looks like, this TM is really valuable to bring with you in your playthrough as you head towards Victory Road and the post-game.

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