Where To Get Choice Specs in Pokémon HG/SS

At Lake of Rage with a Suicune (Pokémon HeartGold)

There is only one pair of Choice Specs available in Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver, and you’ll find them on the ground in the northern part of the Lake of Rage. But this area can only be accessed when the lake is flooded.

You will also need a Pokémon with Surf in your party to be able to reach the Choice Specs.

Choice Specs can be given to a Pokémon as a held item to boost its Special Attack stat by 50%. However, that Pokémon will then be locked into using the first move chosen until it switches out.

Below we’ll show you exactly where to find the Choice Specs, and share some cunning strategies for using them to maximum effect.

Choice Specs Location (Step-by-Step)

The Choice Specs are found at the Lake of Rage.

However, you can only reach them when the lake is flooded. After defeating the red Gyarados, the lake will not be flooded on Wednesdays, so they will be unreachable then until the next day.

So as prerequisites, here’s what you’ll need:

  • Lake of Rage flooded
  • A Pokémon that can use Surf

Step 1: Start by making your way to the Lake of Rage.

Once you’ve arrived, walk up to the thin passageway on the right-hand side of the lake.

The thin passageway on the right side of the Lake of Rage / Pokémon HGSS
The thin passageway on the right side of the Lake of Rage

Step 2: Follow this passageway until you can go no further, then Surf on the spot pictured below. You should see a set of stairs flooded in front of you.

The Surf spot at the Lake of Rage / Pokémon HGSS
The Surf spot at the Lake of Rage

Step 3: From here, Surf directly up north until you see a small embankment with a Pokéball on it.

That Pokéball contains the Choice Specs.

Picking up the Choice Specs at the Lake of Rage / Pokemon HGSS
Picking up the Choice Specs at the Lake of Rage

Unfortunately, this once-only method is the only way of getting your Choice Specs.

If you want additional pairs, you’ll have to trade them over from other games.

Choice Specs Strategies

The Choice Specs are potentially a very powerful item if you use them correctly.

As such, they see a lot of use in competitive player-versus-player battles.

If you’re giving a Pokémon Choice Specs to hold, you should ideally ensure they have 4 special attacking moves, as otherwise you risk getting pointlessly locked into a move with no benefit.

There are tactical exceptions, however.

U-Turn can be a good move to combine with Choice Specs, as it allows you to switch out of unfavorable matchups. Once you’ve switched out, you’re no longer locked into U-Turn.

Trick is another cunning exception. If you use Trick to swap yours and your opponent’s items while earing Choice Specs, they will be unexpectedly locked into their last move.

More often than not, this will force them to switch Pokémon.

There are also attacking moves that go particularly well with Choice Specs.

One example is attacks like Draco Meteor or Leaf Storm, which half the user’s Special Attack after inflicting damage.

Not only do Choice Specs boost the damage of these already massively powerful moves, but you’re also likely to need to switch out after ruining your Special Attack stat anyway.

The dreaded Choice Specs-boosted Draco Meteor in action / Pokemon HGSS
The dreaded Choice Specs-boosted Draco Meteor in action

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