Pokémon ORAS Red Card: Locations + Uses

Red Card at Battle Maison Service Corner (Pokémon Omega Ruby)
All Red Card Locations
# Method Repeatable?
1 Battle Maison’s Exchange Service Corner – 32 BP Yes

The only way to obtain a Red Card in the game is by visiting the Battle Maison’s Exchange Service Corner, where it can be exchanged for 32 Battle Points (BP). This facility is situated at the Battle Resort – so you’ll only have access to this item after you complete the Delta Episode.

Getting Red Cards (Step-by-Step)

The Battle Maison operates similarly to the Battle Tower from previous generations.

If you don’t know where the Battle Maison is, just head over to the Battle Resort’s Pokémon Center to get started.

Step 1: From the Battle Resort’s Pokémon Center, proceed slightly east and then head up the staircase at the nearby intersection.

Battle Resort’s Pokémon Center / Pokémon ORAS
Battle Resort’s Pokémon Center

Step 2: After going up the stairs, just keep going north and enter the Battle Maison.

Outside the Battle Maison / Pokémon ORAS
Outside the Battle Maison

Step 3: Once you’re inside, you’ll see two staircases going upstairs. Head up the right one.

Inside the Battle Maison / Pokémon ORAS
Inside the Battle Maison

Step 4: On the second floor you’ll find one of the Exchange Service Corner’s attendants. If you’ve got at least 32 BP then you can purchase the Red Card from her.

This can be done an unlimited amount of times.

Exchanging BP for useful items / Pokémon ORAS
Exchanging BP for useful items

In the Exchange Service Corner, two attendants offer a wide variety of valuable items in exchange for BP.

The left attendant sells Vitamins, EV training items, and evolution items. The right attendant sells held items used in battles, including the Red Card.

Here’s a complete list of items offered as prizes by the attendant on the right:

Item Price Item Price
Flame Orb 16 BP Choice Band 48 BP
Toxic Orb 16 BP Choice Scarf 48 BP
Absorb Bulb 32 BP Choice Specs 48 BP
Cell Battery 32 BP Expert Belt 48 BP
Eject Button 32 BP Focus Band 48 BP
Luminous Moss 32 BP Focus Sash 48 BP
Power Herb 32 BP Iron Ball 48 BP
Red Card 32 BP Life Orb 48 BP
Ring Target 32 BP Muscle Band 48 BP
Snowball 32 BP Razor Claw 48 BP
Weakness Policy 32 BP Razor Fang 48 BP
White Herb 32 BP Safety Goggles 48 BP
Air Balloon 48 BP Scope Lens 48 BP
Assault Vest 48 BP Wide Lens 48 BP
Binding Band 48 BP Wise Glasses 48 BP
Bright Powder 48 BP Zoom Lens 48 BP

What Does the Red Card Do?

In-game details for Red Card / Pokémon ORAS
In-game details for Red Card

The Red Card is a held item that forces an attacking Pokémon to switch out when it hits any Pokémon holding this item with a damaging move. But the holder needs to survive the hit without fainting for the Red Card to activate.

Once this effect takes place and the attacker is switched out, the Red Card is used up and subsequently disappears.

Though it’s not common to see a Red Card being used in competitive battles, it can still be a useful item in certain situations.

The Red Card proves to be particularly helpful in forcing out Pokémon that might have used set-up moves like Dragon Dance or Calm Mind.

Letting your Pokémon hold a Red Card just might catch your opponent off-guard, especially in double battles where it could potentially disrupt their strategy.

However, avoid letting less bulky Pokémon use a Red Card, as they may struggle to survive a single strong attack.


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