How To Get TM82 Dragon Tail in Pokémon ORAS

Outside the Mauville City PokeMart (Alpha Sapphire)

You can buy the TM for Dragon Tail for 10,000 Pokédollars in Mauville City’s PokéMart. The clerk near the back wall sells it along with some other TMs. You can visit the Mauville PokéMart as soon as you have access to Mauville City.

As for the move itself:

Dragon Tail is a move that forces a switch in Trainer battles or ends wild encounters. In competitive play, it’s used to disrupt and chip away at enemy sweepers. Additionally, Dragon Tail helps maximize the damage caused by any entry hazards you’ve set up.

TM82 Dragon Tail Location (Step-by-Step)

Since TM82 is sold in Mauville City, you’re going to need access to the city. Here’s the only prerequisites necessary to get there:

  • Get the second Gym Badge from Brawly, Dewford Town’s Gym Leader
  • Dealt with Team Aqua/Magma in Slateport City
  • Battle your Rival on Route 110

When you’ve done all that, enter Mauville City through its south entrance on Route 110.

The layout for Mauville City can be quite confusing, but luckily the Mart is right near the PokeCenter so it’s not too crazy.

But here’s a quick guide on how to find the Mauville City PokéMart:

Step 1: Enter Mauville City’s south entrance.

The entrance to Mauville City / Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire
The entrance to Mauville City

Step 2: Once inside, proceed north through the doors to reach the central plaza.

Mauville City heading north / Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire
Mauville City heading north

Step 3: From the central plaza you should see the blue PokéMart up ahead, located east of the Pokémon Center.

Mauville City’s central plaza going to the PokéMart / Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire
Mauville City’s central plaza going to the PokéMart

Step 4: Upon entering the PokéMart, speak to the top clerk closest to the wall to purchase TM82 Dragon Tail.

Inside Mauville City’s PokéMart / Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire
Inside Mauville City’s PokéMart

Along with TM82, this top clerk will also sell the following TMs:

TM Price (PokéDollars)
TM09 Venoshock 10,000
TM40 Aerial Ace 10,000
TM42 Facade 10,000
TM47 Low Sweep 10,000
TM57 Charge Beam 10,000
TM78 Bulldoze 10,000
TM82 Dragon Tail 10,000
TM98 Power-Up Punch 10,000

TM82 Dragon Tail Details + Uses

In-game details for TM82 Dragon Tail / Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire
In-game details for TM82 Dragon Tail
Dragon Tail Move Details
Type Dragon
Category Physical
Power 60
Accuracy 90
PP 10 (max. 16)

Dragon Tail is a Physical Dragon-type move that also has an interesting effect: in Trainer battles, this move forces the opponent to switch to their next Pokémon (if they have one).

In wild Pokémon battles, if you hit with Dragon Tail it ends the encounter if the user’s level is equal to or higher than the target’s level.

Note: Dragon Tail fails to end wild battles or for trainer’s to switch out their Pokémon if the target has any of these:

  • The ability Suction Cups
  • If the target is affected by Ingrain
  • Or if there’s a Substitute in place

The move also has a priority of -6, meaning the user will almost always go last when using Dragon Tail – regardless of the user’s Speed.

Using TM82 Dragon Tail in battle / Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire
Using TM82 Dragon Tail in battle

Is Dragon Tail Worth Using?

Dragon Tail is a pretty valuable move in competitive battles, often utilized by Phazers (pseudo-hazers). These are team members designated to disrupt enemy sweepers.

Dragon Tail stops opponents from setting up with moves like Dragon Dance or Swords Dance by forcing them to reset their stat boosts while simultaneously dealing damage.

You can also use Dragon Tail to take full advantage of any entry hazards you set up, such as Spikes, Toxic Spikes, and Stealth Rock. Because every time you force a new Pokémon to enter the field, they will keep taking damage from all existing entry hazards.

As for single-player uses, this move can be helpful in the early game to reduce some wild encounters – but if you’re able to purchase Repels then those are often easier to use.


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