How To Get TM76 Stealth Rock in Pokémon Platinum

Battling Roark's Onix on Pokémon Platinum

The only way to get TM76 Stealth Rock is by beating the first Gym Leader Roark in Oreburgh City. No other copy of the TM exists elsewhere in the game.

Stealth Rock is a Rock-type Status move that lays an entry hazard trap around the target Pokémon team, dealing damage to each Pokémon that enters battle (see below).

TM76 Stealth Rock Location

Oreburgh City on the Town Map / Pokémon Platinum
Oreburgh City on the Town Map.

Getting Stealth Rock is simple and cannot be missed. Just defeat Gym Leader Roark in Oreburgh City Gym.

Note: For help beating Roark, check out our guide here.

Battling Gym Leader Roark / Pokémon Platinum
Battling Gym Leader Roark.

Once you’ve defeated him, Roark will award you both the Coal Badge and TM76 Stealth Rock.

Receiving Stealth Rock after defeating Roark / Pokémon Platinum
Receiving Stealth Rock after defeating Roark.

Stealth Rock Details and Uses

In-game description for TM76 Stealth Rock / Pokémon Platinum
In-game description for TM76 Stealth Rock

Stealth Rock’s purpose is to set an “entry hazard” trap for an opponent’s team—in other words, any Pokémon that enters the battle once Stealth Rock is in place will sustain damage.

It does not make direct contact unless the opponent switches a new Pokémon into battle.

Stealth Rock Move Details
Type Rock
Category Status
Accuracy —%
PP 20 (max. 32)

The amount of damage dealt by Stealth Rock is dependent upon a rock-type moves’ effectiveness against the opposing Pokémon.

This is demonstrated in the following table:

Rock-Type Effectiveness Damage (% of Max. HP)
0.25x 3.125%
0.5x 6.25%
1x 12.5%
2x 25%
4x 50%

Stealth Rock does not stack if used multiple times consecutively. It does not affect Pokémon with the Magic Guard ability, and is negated by the moves Rapid Spin and Defog (if used against a Pokémon affected by Stealth Rock).

In the right conditions it can be devastating.

But overall, the efficacy of the move is a bit unpredictable, as the toll it takes depends on the actions of the opposing player and the type of Pokémon they use.

Geodude using Stealth Rock in battle / Pokémon Platinum
Geodude using Stealth Rock in battle

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