How To Get TM47 Low Sweep in Pokémon USUM

Blaziken using Low Sweep in battle

You can buy TM47 Low Sweep from the Technical Machine Shop in Konikoni City. This same TM Shop also sells four other TMs: TM09, TM40, TM51 and TM78.

Konikoni City is located on Akala Island. You will be able to access Konikoni once you complete the Lush Jungle trial.

Getting TM47 Low Sweep (Step-by-Step)

In a regular playthrough of the game, you will first arrive at Konikoni City from the south.

Step 1: Walk north along Konikoni’s main street.

Walking north on Konikoni City’s main street / Pokémon USUM
Walking north on Konikoni City’s main street.

Step 2: Keep walking north and then turn into the second stall on the left side. There will be a CD disc icon hanging above the stall.

Turning left, towards the second stall / Pokémon USUM
Turning left, towards the second stall.

Step 3: Talk to the vendor in order to access the Technical Machine Shop. Select “Buy” from the menu.

Talking to the TM Shop’s vendor / Pokémon USUM
Talking to the TM Shop’s vendor.

Step 4: Select Low Sweep, which is the third item from top to bottom. The TM costs 10,000 PokéDollars.

Selecting Low Sweep from the TM Shop’s menu / Pokémon USUM
Selecting Low Sweep from the TM Shop’s menu.

Low Sweep Details + Use

TM47 item description in the game / Pokémon USUM
TM47 item description in the game.
Low Sweep Move Details
Type Fighting
Category Physical
Power Variable
Accuracy 100%
PP 20

Low Sweep is a damage-dealing move with variable power. The move’s damage is determined by the opposing Pokémon’s weight.

Low Sweep will deal more damage to heavier targets, and will deal less damage to lighter targets.

Low Sweep Damage Table
Target’s Weight Bracket Low Sweep Base Power
0.1 – 21.8 lbs 20
21.9 – 55.0 lbs 40
55.1 – 110.0 lbs 60
110.2 – 220.2 lbs 80
220.4 – 440.7 lbs 100
Over 440.9 lbs 120

Most fully-evolved Pokémon fall within the 110.2 – 440.7 lbs range. Because of this, Low Sweep is usually a very popular move in competitive play.

Most of the time, Low Sweep will hit for at least 80 base power, not taking STAB into account. Low Sweep is effective both as a Fighting STAB and as a coverage move.

In a main story playthrough, Low Sweep is also a very good option. TM47 becomes available early in the game and Low Sweep’s base power scales well as the story progresses.

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