How To Get TM51 Steel Wing in Pokémon USUM

Skarmory using Steel Wing in battle

You can buy TM51 Steel Wing from the Technical Machine Shop located in Konikoni City. This same shop also sells four other TMs as well: TM09, TM40, TM47 and TM78.

Konikoni City is located on Akala Island. In order to access Konikoni, you must clear the Lush Jungle trial.

Obtaining TM51 Steel Wing (Step-by-Step)

During a main story playthrough you will arrive at Konikoni City from the south.

Step 1: From the city’s entrance, walk north along the main street.

Walking north along Konikoni City’s main street / Pokémon USUM
Walking north along Konikoni City’s main street.

Step 2: Keep heading north along the main street, then walk to the second stall on the left side. You will see a signpost with a CD icon hanging out front.

Turning left and walking to the Technical Machine Shop / Pokémon USUM
Turning left and walking to the Technical Machine Shop.

Step 3: Talk to the stall’s vendor in order to access the Technical Machine Shop.

Talking to the TM Shop’s vendor / Pokémon USUM
Talking to the TM Shop’s vendor.

Step 4: Select Steel Wing, the fourth item from top to bottom. The TM will cost 10,000 PokéDollars.

Selecting Steel Wing from the TM Shop’s menu / Pokémon USUM
Selecting Steel Wing from the TM Shop’s menu.

TM51 Steel Wing Details + Use

TM51 item description in the game / Pokémon USUM
TM51 item description in the game.
Steel Wing Move Details
Type Steel
Category Physical
Power 70
Accuracy 90%
PP 25

Steel Wing is a damage-dealing move that carries a secondary effect. In battle, Steel Wing has a 10% chance of raising the user’s Defense stat by one stage.

As the move’s name suggests, Steel Wing is usually learned by Flying-type Pokémon. Because of this, Steel Wing can be used as a coverage move against Rock-type Pokémon.

Steel Wing doesn’t see any use in competitive play.

With a relatively low base power and 90% accuracy, Steel Wing isn’t a very reliable move.

In a main story playthrough, however, Steel Wing is a viable option early in the game. The move packs enough power to beat weaker opponents. You can consider Steel Wing an option as a coverage move for your party’s Flying-type Pokémon.

Although this move will fall off towards the middle and late game. The move won’t be particularly powerful against stronger Pokémon. Likewise, Steel Wing’s 90% accuracy is a bit unreliable.

Most Flying-type Pokémon will also have access to better coverage moves at higher levels.

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