Rune Factory 4 Confession Guide (How It Works + Tips)

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Rune Factory 4 has a total of 12 marriage candidates: 6 bachelors and 6 bachelorettes. The confession system allows you to enter into a relationship with one of them.

Once you’ve decided who you’re interested in dating, you’ll need to confess your feelings to them, and hopefully they’ll respond positively. But how exactly does this work?

Let’s look into the confession system in more detail, along with providing tips to make sure your confession is accepted!

Note: If you’re playing as Lest you’ll only be able to begin a relationship with one of the bachelorettes. If you’re playing as Frey you’ll only be able to begin a relationship with one of the bachelors.


How Confessions Work

Checking character friendship levels / Rune Factory 4
Checking character friendship levels

In order to be able to tell a candidate you love them, you’ll first need to raise their love points, or LP.

Love points represent how close you are to a character.

There are many ways to raise a character’s LP, including:

  • Talking to them everyday
  • Giving them gifts they like everyday
  • Participating in festivals
  • Taking them with you on adventures

Once a character’s LP has been raised to at least 7, you’ll be able to attempt a confession.

To do that, press the BTW button while talking to them (the same one you’d use to ask a character to join you on an adventure), and select “I love you!”, then confirm you really meant it if they ask if you’re joking.

Hit the right or left trigger in conversation to confess or invite character to adventuring party / Rune Factory 4
Hit the right or left trigger in conversation to confess or invite character to adventuring party

While it’s possible to start a relationship with 7 LP, you’re more likely to be taken seriously with a higher amount.


If Your Confession Doesn’t Go as Planned

Confession not taken seriously / Rune Factory 4
Confession not taken seriously

If you’re unsuccessful in confessing your feelings, don’t worry! You can try again the next day.

You have one attempt each day, and sheer persistence is definitely one viable method to begin a relationship in Rune Factory 4.

But if your love interest continues to reject your confession, here are some things worth trying:


Build Up More LP

The more LP you have with a character, the more likely they are to accept your confession.

With a lower level of LP they may think you’re joking and not take the confession seriously, even after you assure them you’re being sincere.

If you’re being continuously turned down, work on raising their LP before you try to begin a relationship again.


Check For Ongoing Town Events

A character may not accept your confession if there’s an ongoing town event that they are involved with.

Complete the event and then attempt your confession again.


Are You Already in a Relationship?

While it’s possible to date multiple characters, if you attempt a confession while already in a relationship, the likelihood that you’ll be accepted decreases.

The more characters you’re already dating, the harder it becomes to begin relationships with additional characters.

Also, while you can date multiple characters at the same time, this changes when you get married.

If you marry in RF4 then you’ll no longer be dating any other characters. And once you’re married you’re no longer able to begin new relationships.


Still Not Working?

If you have enough LP and your chosen candidate isn’t involved in an ongoing event, but you still find yourself being rejected, you’ll just need to keep trying!

Either by trying every day, or saving the game before making the attempt and then resetting until you get the outcome you want.

Whichever option you go with, eventually your confession will be taken seriously.


When Your Confession is Accepted

Once a character realizes you’re seriously telling them you love them, they’ll ask you to meet them in the town square the next morning at 10AM.

Make sure you show up on time, and then choose the positive dialogue choices, and you’ll successfully begin a relationship!

You’ll then be able to choose the nicknames you and your partner will use for each other.

Choosing nickname for partner / Rune Factory 4
Choosing nickname for your partner

Now What?

Now that you’re in a relationship, you’ll be able to invite your partner on dates and attend certain festivals with them. You’ll also be able to marry them if you fulfill the other requirements for marriage!

Marriage requirements for all players include:

  • LP of 10 or more
  • Have been on at least 3 dates with partner
  • Seen all relationship events

But those playing as Lest will also need to complete the following requirements too:

  • Obtain engagement ring
  • Obtain double bed
Emily confessing to Arthur (event screenshot) / Rune Factory 4
Emily confessing to Arthur (event screenshot)

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