RF4 Fish Merchant: Location + Inventory List

The Fish Market Merchant's dialogue menu in RF4 Special
Fish Market
Location The Bell Hotel, Selphia Town
Type Merchant
Schedule Always open

To unlock the Fish Market, you need to order it via the Order Symbol found in the Castle: Dragon Room. You’ll find the option under the Shops category.

The Fish Market option found by interacting with the Order Symbol / Rune Factory 4
The Fish Market option found by interacting with the Order Symbol

The Fish Market costs 2000 princess or prince points to unlock. If you need more points, you can earn them by beating mobs or by completing requests made by townspeople.

Where is the Fish Market in Selphia Town?

To find the Fish Market, you’ll need to head to the Bell Hotel. You’ll find that hotel on the west end of Selphia: Airship Way.

This street is along the northern edge of Selphia Town. You can see how the Bell Hotel looks in the image below.

The Bell Hotel (Exterior) / Rune Factory 4
The Bell Hotel (Exterior)

The merchant that sells fish can be found in the Bell Hotel Lobby.

More specifically, the merchant is standing above the coffee table found to the left of the lobby. They’ll be next to the Jewelry Store merchant if you’ve unlocked them both.

The traveler manning the Fish Market / Rune Factory 4
The traveler manning the Fish Market

To see what the merchant is selling, speak to them and ask to see some fish. You’ll then see all the fish available for purchase.

The Fish Market menu / Rune Factory 4
The Fish Market menu

Fish Market Inventory

Do take note that the stock in the Fish Market will only include the fish you’ve already shipped via the shipment bin.

But with that said, here’s a list of all possible fish you can find at this merchant:

Fish Selling Price Buying Price
Blowfish 4200G 57000G
Char 92G 1800G
Cherry Salmon 18G 350G
Chub 130G 2600G
Crucian Carp 35G 620G
Fall Flounder 2000G 27000G
Flounder 190G 4000G
Gibelio 100G 2000G
Girella 45G 850G
Glitter Snapper 8800G 120000G
Lamp Squid 1800G 21000G
Lobster 960G 9600G
Mackerel 60G 1000G
Masu Trout 15G 300G
Needlefish 30G 500G
Pike 12G 240G
Pond Smelt 10G 200G
Rainbow Trout 150G 3000G
Rockfish 1040G 10400G
Salmon 80G 1350G
Sand Flounder 38G 700G
Sardine 70G 1200G
Shrimp 85G 1500G
Skipjack 220G 4500G
Snapper 1280G 14800G
Squid 24G 400G
Sunsquid 6800G 74000G
Taimen 6500G 78000G
Throbby Snapper 3500G 38000G
Tuna 5600G 61000G
Turbot 120G 2500G
Yellowtail 3800G 45000G


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