Bathroom – SoS: FoMT

Standing in front of the bathroom (SoS:FoMT)
House Upgrade Big House
Cost (Big House Upgrade)
  • 10,000 G
  • 600 Lumber
  • 250 Material Stone
Uses Stamina and fatigue restoration (All seasons)

The bathroom is an extra room in your house in Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town. This room is added to your house after the Big House upgrade and is mainly used to restore stamina and fatigue during the day.

To upgrade your farmhouse, simply request a building upgrade from Gotts which costs 600 Lumber, 250 Material Stone, and 10,000 G. After three days of construction, you’ll have a fully upgraded cabin with your very own bathroom.

Dialogue prompt for entering the bathroom. / Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town
Dialogue prompt for entering the bathroom.

Once you have the bathroom unlocked, you can simply enter to use its facilities. Each use of the bathroom will take 30 minutes of in-game time and will restore a total of +20 STA and -20 FAT.

You can also learn more about how stamina/fatigue work in our more detailed guide about stamina.

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