How To Get All Idols in Bastion

All Idols Invoked in Bastion

Bastion’s gods start manifesting as idols once you’ve built the Shrine.

There are 10 idols in total. 6 reveal themselves as you play the game, while the other 4 must be bought with fragments from the Lost-and-Found.

The Whimsical Six

Pyth is the only one that can be found in a stage. He’s in Pyth Orchard, and finding him lets you build the Shrine. This is part of the story so you cannot miss him.

After returning to the Bastion, build your own Shrine and enter it. Acobi awaits you inside.

In the second half of the story, you’ll be tasked with tracking down Shards in the outer stages. Returning a Shard to the Bastion’s monument lets you upgrade one of your buildings to their true form.

Upgrading the Shrine to the True Shrine will attract Micia and Garmuth, who’ll both become part of the pantheon.

The final two, Roathus and Olak, will join you once you’ve finished the main story. They’ll appear in the Shrine after starting a New Game Plus.

The Avaricious Four

These four can be bought in the Lost-and-Found, which you can build after finding your fourth Core in The Hanging Gardens.

Hense and Jevel are part of the initial stock. They cost 250 and 100 fragments respectively.

Yudrig and Lemaign become available after upgrading to the True Lost-and-Found and the True Shrine.

If you already have the True Shrine for Micia and Garmuth, then you’ll just need the second Shard in Roathus Lagoon. Use it to upgrade the Lost-and-Found to its true form.

Once you’re all set, you can buy Yudrig for 150 fragments and Lemaign for 300 fragments.

The Cost of Idolatry / Bastion
The Cost of Idolatry

The Pantheon’s Boons and Buffs

Invoking an idol in the Shrine bestows you with increased XP and fragment gain. But they make the game harder by giving your enemies buffs.

This table details the buffs for all idols in the game.

Note: These buffs affect bosses too. Certain ones like Jevel’s, Micia’s, Olak’s, and Garmuth’s may make a boss unbeatable — especially when you combine them.

Idol Enemy Buff XP and Fragment Blessing
Hense Increased damage +10%
Acobi Drops a bomb after death +5%
Lemaign Attacks slow down the player +5%
Pyth Faster movement and attack speed +10%
Jevel Greater damage resistance +5%
Yudrig Causes damage on contact +5%
Roathus Never drops health or black tonics +10%
Micia Regenerates health +5%
Olak Randomly makes attacks miss +10%
Garmuth Randomly deflects attacks +10%

The Achievements for the Faithful

The pantheon can grant you eight Steam achievements — all of which are linked to the optional Dream Stages.

These Dreams are unlocked by finding the mementos of each special character. Interacting with these mementos in the Bastion puts Kid to sleep, letting you experience a Dream.

Dream Stage Memento Memento Location
The Kid’s Dream Zulf’s Pipe Cinderbrick Fort
The Singer’s Dream Zia’s Stockpot Point Lemaign
The Survivor’s Dream Kid’s Bedroll Zulten’s Hollow
The Stranger’s Dream History Books The Bastion (New Game Plus)

To get the achievements, you have to complete a Dream with at least 5 idols invoked.

Achievement Dream Stage Idols Invoked
Whatever’s Out There The Kid’s Dream 5 or more
Just Like That The Kid’s Dream 10
Lock Yourself In The Singer’s Dream 5 or more
Calamity All Around The Singer’s Dream 10
A Lasting Peace The Survivor’s Dream 5 or more
Ashes in the Sky The Survivor’s Dream 10
All in the Mind The Stranger’s Dream 5 or more
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