Slinger Range: Proving Grounds 7 (Bastion Guide)

Slinger Range Proving Grounds starting screenshot in Bastion

Slinger Range is one of the hardest Proving Grounds in the game.

It tests your reaction time with the Dueling Pistols.

When the challenge starts, target dummies will pop up on random tiles around you. There will be 10 of them. They’ll come one after another with a gap of 4–5 seconds between them.

If a dummy appears, you’ll get 100 points, which quickly goes down the longer the dummy is up. So you have to be quick on the draw to shoot them down.

Slinger Range
Rank Requirement Reward
1st 700 points or more “Slinger Storm” Secret Skill
2nd 500 points or more “Something Stringy” Upgrade Material
3rd First clear “Something Greasy” Upgrade Material


The Damage Upgrades Are Imperative for This Challenge / Bastion
The Damage Upgrades Are Imperative for This Challenge

You’ll have to wait until you can get to the tier 4 upgrade for the Pistols to do well here. You need the two damage upgrades for even a chance at winning the 1st prize. It’s near impossible to get first without them.

You’ll also want to select the Sealed Cylinders for your tier 1 upgrade. This makes all your bullets fly true.

The upgrades at tier 3 won’t affect your performance, so you can choose either of them.

Tip: If you lack upgrade materials, you can buy more from the Lost-and-Found. You can also get one by attaining 2nd place or better in the Trapper Shingle. There’s also one here in the Slinger Range, which you’ll get after your first attempt at it.

Dueling Pistols Upgrades
Tier Upgrade Name Effect
1 Sealed Cylinders Bullet scatter eliminated
2 High Caliber Chambers +25% Damage
3 Cauldron Powder +1 Target penetration per shot
4 Hunting Barrels +25% Damage

General Strategy + Tips

Because of the randomness of the Range, there’s not much to strategize here.

You just have to keep practicing to master this challenge. It’ll also help if you follow these tips:

Tip #1: Stay at the center then move towards a dummy while shooting it

If you’re at the opposite corner away from a dummy, your shots will take longer to hit it.

Each millisecond counts.

Be Precise and Persistent Animation Thumbnail
Be Precise and Persistent

So you’ll want to return to the center of your tile while waiting for the next dummy to appear. When it does, shoot it while moving towards it.

You’ll destroy it a couple of seconds faster, which is equal to about 20–30 points.

Tip #2: Let your hands learn the exact number of times to press the attack button

If you have the two damage upgrades, then all dummies will go down in 5 shots.

Firing an extra one means it’ll miss, and you’ll lose 10 points for each shot that misses.

Instead of mashing the attack button, let your fingers learn the right number of shots. This’ll take practice, but that’s what it takes to be a Slinger.

Your muscle memory will eventually do the job for you.


Earning the Three Prizes with a Score of 745 / Bastion
Earning the Three Prizes with a Score of 745

Finishing the Range for the first time will always reward you with a Something Greasy. You’ll get it regardless of your score.

  • If you have at least 500 points, you’ll also get a Something Stringy for the Breaker’s Bow.
  • Once you achieve more than 700 points, you’ll learn the second Secret Skill for the Dueling Pistols — Slinger Storm.
Secret Skill: Slinger Storm (Dueling Pistols) / Bastion

Secret Skill: Slinger Storm
(Dueling Pistols)

You fire off a rapid barrage of bullets in a straight line for 3 seconds. It disregards your current ammo count, but you’ll still end up reloading after it ends.

The barrage happens so fast that it appears like a single beam. It’s a testament to your quick draw mastery of the Slinger Range.

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