Theater of Wonders Unlock Guide (Cities: Skylines)

Theater of Wonders in Cities: Skylines
Theater of Wonders
Cost to Build ₡175,000
Upkeep ₡2,400/week
Tourism Value 150
Entertainment Value 125
Noise Pollution 25

The Theater of Wonders is a level 6 unique building in Cities: Skylines. To unlock it, you’ll need to do two things:

  • Construct 3 instances of a University
  • Reach the Small City population milestone (can be anywhere from 2,600 to 11,000 citizens, depending on the map)

Once you’ve done these things, you’ll be able to construct the Theater of Wonders from the level 6 unique buildings menu for ₡175,000.

This building is also a requirement for the Hadron Collider monument.

Placing Universities

Chances are, by the time you hit the Small City milestone (which unlocks level 6 buildings), you’ll already have built at least one university.

If not, simply build them from the Education menu for ₡75,000.

Building a university from the Education menu. / Cities: Skylines
Building a university from the Education menu.

Both the vanilla style and European-style university building count towards this.

The vanilla-style university building. / Cities: Skylines
The vanilla-style university building.
The European-style university building. / Cities: Skylines
The European-style university building.

Tip #1: Switch Off Any Universities You Don’t Currently Need

If you click on the Education info view, and then the university tab, you’ll see your university capacity versus the number of eligible students.

The University tab of the Education info view shows you the university capacity across your city. / Cities: Skylines
The University tab of the Education info view shows you the university capacity across your city.

If you find that three universities gives you way more capacity than you currently need, you can simply turn off one of them. That way you won’t needlessly spend ₡1,920/week in upkeep costs.

To do this, click on the university building and then tick the on/off toggle on the info panel.

Tip #2: Keep The Universities Around for the Grand Library

Even if you don’t need them at the moment, it’s better to keep these universities around instead of bulldozing them.

Another great unique building, the Grand Library, requires 7 universities; now you’ll only need to build four more to unlock it.

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