How To Get TM62 Acrobatics in Pokémon Black & White

Standing outside the Mistralton Gym in Pokémon Black

You’ll receive TM62 Acrobatics after defeating Skyla, the Gym Leader in Mistralton City. But before you’re able to challenge Skyla you’ll first need to defeat Clay at his Gym in Driftveil City.

After defeating Clay, you’ll be able to access Chargestone Cave. This cave’s exit leads directly to Mistralton City.

As for the move itself: Acrobatics is a Flying-type attack that deals damage at 55 base Power. If the user has no held item, the Power of the move doubles to 110.

TM62 Acrobatics Location

Step 1: Starting at the Mistralton City Pokémon Center, head north towards the path above the Center.

Head north from the Mistralton City Pokémon Center / Pokémon Black & White
Head north from the Mistralton City Pokémon Center.

Step 2: Head west on the path, walking alongside the lattice fence.

Head west along the lattice fence / Pokémon Black & White
Head west along the lattice fence.

Step 3: The path west ends at the airport runway. Step a bit onto the runway and then turn to go north up the runway.

Head north across the runway / Pokémon Black & White
Head north across the runway.

Step 4: Continue north past the airplane to your left.

Keep north past the airplane / Pokémon Black & White
Keep north past the airplane.

Step 5: The Mistralton City Gym is located at the tailend of this plane.

The Gym is located at the tailend of the plane / Pokémon Black & White
The Gym is located at the tailend of the plane.

Step 6: After defeating Skyla in battle she will give you TM62 Acrobatics.

Skyla giving you the Acrobatics TM / Pokémon Black & White
Skyla giving you the Acrobatics TM.

Acrobatics Details + Uses

In-game details for TM62 Acrobatics / Pokémon Black & White
In-game details for TM62 Acrobatics.
Acrobatics Move Details
Type Flying
Category Physical
Power 55
Accuracy 100
PP 15

Acrobatics is a Physical Flying-type attack that has the potential to inflict significant damage. Its base Power of 55 is doubled to 110 if the user has no held item.

The move also has a beefy 15 PP, allowing you to deal some serious blows several times in any given battle.

Held items are a huge advantage in competitive play, so Acrobatics isn’t used in that realm. However, it can be a great asset throughout your single-player journey in Pokémon Black & White.

Held items aren’t really needed to beat the main story, and at the time when you get this TM it could offer some usefulness to some degree.

Who To Teach Acrobatics To

Archeops is the ideal user of Acrobatics, as it has one of the best Attack stats in Black & White.

Its Flying typing has the potential to boost the moves Power to 165 thanks to STAB (Same type attack bonus.) But you technically won’t need TM62 for Archeops, as it learns the move at level 28 by default.

There are several other Flying types that can only learn the move via TM62, though.

These Pokémon Mantine, Beautifly, Vespiquen, and Tornadus. The best from this list worth teaching the TM to is Tornadus, as it has the best Attack stat of this group.

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