Pokémon Crystal: Bill’s Grandfather Sidequest Guide + Rewards

Outside of Bill's Grandpa's house in Kanto

Bill’s Grandfather can be found in the Sea Cottage northeast of Cerulean City in the Kanto Region. He’ll ask you to show him a series of specific Pokémon based on a vague description.

When you show him the right Pokémon, he’ll reward you with a valuable Evolution Stone. Then he’ll describe the next Pokémon he wants to see.

Bill’s Grandpa’s Pokémon Hunt
# Description Pokémon Reward
1st Has a long tongue. Lickitung Everstone
2nd Has leaves growing on its head. Oddish Leaf Stone
3rd Shaped like a star and has a red sphere on its body. Nocturnal Staryu Water Stone
4th Very loyal and has a strong roar. Growlithe Fire Stone
5th Pre-evolution of a popular yellow Pokémon with red cheeks. Pichu Thunder Stone

These evolutionary stones are the only way to make certain Pokémon evolve, including Eevee’s three original evolutions: Flareon, Jolteon, and Vaporeon. Getting some of them from Bill’s Grandfather is definitely worth the effort.


Bill’s Grandfather lives in a seaside cottage north of Cerulean City – so you’ll only be able to do this sidequest in the post game.

To enter Kanto, you must:

  1. Collect all eight Johto Gym Badges.
  2. Travel to the Indigo Plateau.
  3. Defeat the Elite Four and Champion Lance.
  4. Talk to Prof. Elm to get the S.S. Ticket.
  5. Take S.S. Aqua from Johto’s Olivine City to Kanto’s Vermilion City.

From Vermilion City, just head north through Saffron City to eventually reach Cerulean City.

Where To Find Bill’s Grandfather

Exit Cerulean City through the north toward the bridge on Route 24.

Entering Route 24 from Cianwood City. / Pokémon Crystal
Entering Route 24 from Cianwood City.

Keep heading north straight through Route 24, then turn right after reaching Route 25.

Entering Route 25 from Route 24. / Pokémon Crystal
Entering Route 25 from Route 24.

Keep going in this direction and you’ll come across a maze of trees. If this is your first time here, you’ll have to defeat many trainers to make it through.

Tip: Their Pokémon are all around LV. 35, give or take. The last one, Cooltrainer Kevin, will reward you with a Nugget that sells for a hefty 5,000 PokéDollars after defeating him.

Traversing Route 25 toward the Sea Cottage. / Pokémon Crystal
Traversing Route 25 toward the Sea Cottage.

Once you’ve reached the end of this tree maze, continue going right over the flower field.

You’ll find the Sea Cottage right away, and Bill’s Grandfather awaits inside.

Approaching the Sea Cottage. / Pokémon Crystal
Approaching the Sea Cottage.
Approaching Bill’s Grandfather. / Pokémon Crystal
Approaching Bill’s Grandfather.

All Pokémon for Bill’s Grandfather

Bill’s Grandfather asks you to find five different Pokémon in exchange for Evolution Stones.

Bill’s Grandpa asks to see some Pokémon. / Pokémon Crystal
Bill’s Grandpa asks to see some Pokémon.

Some of these Pokémon are rather common, while others are rare. Here’s how to get every Pokémon that Bill’s Grandfather wishes to see:

Locations of Bill’s Grandfather’s Requested Pokémon
# Pokémon Reward Location
1st Lickitung Everstone Route 44 (Morning, Day).
2nd Oddish Leaf Stone Routes 24, 25, and the Ilex Forest (Night).
3rd Staryu Water Stone Fish at Routes 19, 34, 40, Olivine City, Cianwood City, Cherrygrove City, and the Union Cave.

Requires Good Rod or Super Rod.
4th Growlithe Fire Stone Routes 8, 35, 36, and 37 (Morning, Day).
5th Pichu Thunderstone Breed Pikachu or Raichu.

Once caught, all you have to do is show them to Bill’s Grandfather at the Sea Cottage to receive your reward.

Note that each requested Pokémon can only be shown to Bill’s Grandfather one time. So this is not a repeatable way to get evolution stones.

Receiving a Fire Stone from Bill’s Grandfather after showing him Growlithe. / Pokémon Crystal
Receiving a Fire Stone from Bill’s Grandfather after showing him Growlithe.

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