Where To Get TM07 Zap Cannon in Pokémon Crystal

The Power Plant Manager in Pokémon Crystal
TM07 Zap Cannon
# Location Repeatable?
1 Kanto Power Plant. Rewarded by the Power Plant’s manager after you bring back the missing Machine Part. No

The manager of the Kanto Power Plant rewards you with TM07 Zap Cannon after you return the stolen Machine Part to bring the Power Plant back online.

You’ll find the Machine Part in a pool in the Cerulean Gym after bumping into the thief trying to flee the scene.

Just remember to talk to the Power Plant manager first before looking for the Machine Part, or you won’t be able to find it.


The Power Plant is in Kanto, east of Cerulean City. So you’ll need to reach Kanto first before you can get this TM.

That means:

  1. Obtaining all eight Johto Badges.
  2. Defeating the Elite IV and Champion Lance at the Indigo Plateau.
  3. Receiving the S.S. Ticket from Prof. Elm in New Bark Town.
  4. Boarding the S.S. Aqua to sail to Kanto’s Vermillion City.

From there, just go north into Saffron City and then keep going north to enter Cerulean City.

Getting TM07 Zap Cannon (Step-by-Step)

TM07 Zap Cannon is your reward for bringing the Kanto Power Plant back online.

That side-quest is fairly detailed, but for this guide we’ll provide a quick and straightforward explanation.

Step 1: Find the Power Plant east of Cerulean City. Just go all the way east on Route 9 and then surf down on the water to find the Power Plant.

Kanto Power Plant (outside) / Pokémon Crystal
Kanto Power Plant (outside).

Step 2: Talk to the Power Plant manager inside to learn about the Machine Part theft.

Bird’s eye view of the Kanto Power Plant / Pokémon Crystal
Bird’s eye view of the Kanto Power Plant.

Step 3: Fly back to Cerulean City and find the Gym, directly east of the Pokémon Center.

Route from the Pokémon Center to the Gym in Cerulean City / Pokémon Crystal
Route from the Pokémon Center to the Gym in Cerulean City.

Step 4: Locate the stolen Machine Part by using Surf on the first pool of water that you see (the tiny little square). You’ll want to surf on the bottom left corner.

Cerulean Gym (inside) / Pokémon Crystal
Cerulean Gym (inside).

Once inside this pool, just press the action button (A) to pick up the Machine Part.

Obtaining the Machine Part in Cerulean Gym / Pokémon Crystal
Obtaining the Machine Part in Cerulean Gym.

Step 5: Bring the Machine Part back to the Power Plant manager to receive TM07 Zap Cannon.

Receiving TM07 from the Power Plant manager / Pokémon Crystal
Receiving TM07 from the Power Plant manager.

TM07 Zap Cannon Details + Uses

Zap Cannon Move Details
Type Electric
Category Special
Power 100
Effect 99% chance of inflicting Paralysis.
Accuracy 50%
PP 5

Zap Cannon is by far the most devastating Electric-type move in Pokémon Crystal.

Not only does it deal massive Electric damage, but it has an almost 100% chance of paralyzing the target.

Your opponent will have to waste time healing, giving you the upper hand. If they can’t heal, they may be unable to move for several turns.

On the flip side, Zap Cannon has an abysmal 50% Accuracy. Meaning you’ll miss around half the time. One way to counter this is by using Lock On beforehand.

Tip: In Pokémon Crystal, Lock On works on the target and not the user. That means another Pokémon in your party can use Lock On, then you could switch out to a Pokémon with Zap Cannon.

Some of my favorite candidates to learn this move include:

Pokémon Type Location
Ampharos Electric Trade in from Pokémon Gold/Silver.
Electabuzz Electric Route 10.
Jolteon Electric Evolve Eevee with Thunder Stone.
Alakazam Psychic Evolve Kadabra by trading.

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