NeverMeltIce in Pokémon Crystal

The NeverMeltIce in Ice Cave
NeverMeltIce Locations
# Location Repeatable?
1 Ice Path, third basement (B3F). It’s in the bottom left corner near a smashable rock. No

The NeverMeltIce held item is only in the Ice Path in Pokémon Crystal. More specifically, it’s in the southwestern area of the third basement (B3F).

Entering the Ice Path from Blackthorn City makes this area more accessible so that’s generally the best route to take.

But you can pick this up anytime after liberating the Goldenrod Radio Tower from Team Rocket.


You can’t head east of Mahogany Town and into the Ice Path until you’ve done the following:

  1. Team up with Lance to defeat Team Rocket at their Mahogany Town hideout.
  2. Obtain seven Gym Badges (including Mahogany Gym’s badge).
  3. Defeat Team Rocket at the Goldenrod Radio Tower after they take over.

In addition, I’d suggest waiting until after you’ve crossed the Ice Path and reached Blackthorn City to focus on getting the NeverMeltIce.

Getting the NeverMeltIce

Blackthorn City on the Johto map / Pokémon Crystal
Blackthorn City on the Johto map.

Note: This guide will teach you the faster way to reach the NeverMeltIce by starting at Blackthorn City.

Start by entering the Ice Path from Blackthorn City’s northeastern exit.

Ice Path entrance (Blackthorn side) / Pokémon Crystal
Ice Path entrance (Blackthorn side).

You’ll find some frozen floor tiles shortly after entering.

Go UP, LEFT, UP to cross it.

Then go down the nearby ladder into the first basement (B1F).

Going down to the Ice Path’s first basement (B1F) / Pokémon Crystal
Going down to the Ice Path’s first basement (B1F).

Follow the narrow road southwest to find another sheet of ice.

Ice Path, B1F / Pokémon Crystal
Ice Path, B1F.

Go RIGHT, UP, RIGHT, UP to cross the ice here.

Then, go down the ladder to your left into B2F.

Heading down to Ice Path B2F from B1F / Pokémon Crystal
Heading down to Ice Path B2F from B1F.

Head north immediately after reaching B2F, allowing yourself to slip on the frozen floor.

Ice Path, B2F / Pokémon Crystal
Ice Path, B2F.

You’ll slide onto some stairs leading up to a small elevated path.

Walk over this path and go down the stairs to the right, slipping on the ice sheet there. When you’ve stopped sliding, go two steps right, then go up into the ice again (see the screenshot below).

Then go around the raised platform to find another ladder. This one leads to B3F.

Heading down to Ice Path B3F from B2F / Pokémon Crystal
Heading down to Ice Path B3F from B2F.

Once you’ve reached B3F, go up the stairs to your left and cross the raised platform, descending the stairs on the other side.

You’ll find the NeverMeltIce on the ground just left of here, close to a breakable rock.

Finding NeverMeltIce in Ice Path B3F / Pokémon Crystal
Finding NeverMeltIce in Ice Path B3F.

NeverMeltIce Uses

NeverMeltIce is a held item that increases the Power of Ice-type moves by 10%.

Ice-type Pokémon like Jynx or Articuno can use it to power up their best moves. Blizzard and Ice Beam become truly devastating with NeverMeltIce.

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