Where To Get TM44 Rest in Pokémon Crystal

Finding TM44 in the Ice Path B2F (Pokémon Crystal)
TM44 Rest
# Location Repeatable?
1 Ice Path, B2F. Enter from Blackthorn City, descend two floors, and slide over the ice to find the TM on the ground. No

To get TM44 Rest in Pokémon Crystal you need to go deep into the Ice Path, go down two floors to B2F, and carefully slide through an ice puzzle to reach the TM’s location.

You can get this TM while crossing the Ice Path for the first time, but it’s much easier to reach TM44 by entering from Blackthorn City instead of Route 44 (Mahogany Town).

The best time to pick up this TM is right after arriving in Blackthorn City.

Getting TM44 Rest (Step-by-Step)

Step 1: Enter the Ice Path from Blackthorn City.

You’ll find the entrance on the northeastern end of the town.

Approaching the Ice Path’s southeastern entrance. / Pokémon Crystal
Approaching the Ice Path’s southeastern entrance.

Step 2: Find the stairs leading down to B1F, just a few steps north of the entrance. You just have to cross a small patch of frozen floor, and you’ll be right there.

Heading from the entrance to the stairs to B1F. / Pokémon Crystal
Heading from the entrance to the stairs to B1F.

Step 3: Once you’re down the stairs, go southeast toward some frozen flooring and cross it to reach the ladder leading down to B2F.

The ladder is behind an ice puzzle, but it’s fairly simple.

Heading deeper into B1F. / Pokémon Crystal
Heading deeper into B1F.

To cross the ice puzzle just follow these directions:

  1. Right
  2. Up
  3. Right
  4. Up

This will let you reach the platform, and from there just take the ladder down.

Crossing the frozen floor in B1F to reach the ladder to B2F. / Pokémon Crystal
Crossing the frozen floor in B1F to reach the ladder to B2F.

Step 4: On this new floor, go north from the ladder to slide over the frozen floor toward another platform.

Heading north from the ladder we took down to B2F. / Pokémon Crystal
Heading north from the ladder we took down to B2F.

Step 5: Descend the platform through the rightmost set of stairs.

Then slide down the frozen floor, and walk one step to the left after the frozen floor.

You can then head down by jumping down the ledge toward more frozen flooring.

Route through B2F on the way to TM44 Rest. / Pokémon Crystal
Route through B2F on the way to TM44 Rest.

Step 6: You should slide all the way down and stop in front of some rocks, but you’ll see an item to your right-hand side.

Just head right and pick up the item to get TM44 Rest.

Obtaining TM44 Rest. / Pokémon Crystal
Obtaining TM44 Rest.

TM44 Rest Details + Uses

Rest Move Details
Type Psychic
Category Status
Effect Heals the user’s HP and status ailments but self-inflicts Sleep.
Accuracy 100%
PP 5 (max. 8)

Rest is a powerful strategic move that allows your Pokémon to sleep for three turns to recover 100% of their HP and clear any status ailments.

Note: The healing occurs right when you perform the move, with the Pokémon sleeping for three turns afterward.

Your foes are likely to spend those three turns dealing as much damage as possible, so this move is better used by tanky Pokémon with high HP and Defense.

Some moves can be used while your Pokémon sleeps, allowing you to keep up the pressure right after healing. These moves are:

Move Type Power Accuracy PP
Snore Normal 50 100% 15
Sleep Talk Normal ??? ??? 10

While Snore is a reliable source of damage, Sleep Talk is more luck-dependent.

It makes your Pokémon use one of its other moves at random, which can be very powerful or underwhelming, depending on what you get.

Tip: If your Pokémon only knows powerful moves, Sleep Talk becomes more valuable.

Besides Snore and Sleep Talk, Rest also makes a solid combo with moves that inflict damage over time. Stalling is the name of the game!

Who To Teach Rest To

Here are four high-Defense & high-HP Pokémon that’ll get the most out of Rest in Pokémon Crystal:

Pokémon Type Location
Snorlax Normal Blocking Route 11
Lapras Water/Ice-type Union Cave (Fridays)
Umbreon Dark Evolve Eevee with high Friendship at night.
Slowking Bug/Grass Evolve Slowpoke

These Pokémon can also learn Sleep Talk and Snore either by leveling up or by TM. They’ll help you put the [Rest + Sleep Talk] strategy to the test!

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