Where To Get TM01 DynamicPunch in Pokémon Crystal

Facing gym leader Chuck in Pokémon Crystal
TM01 DynamicPunch
# Location Repeatable?
1 Cianwood City Gym. Received as a reward from Gym Leader Chuck after defeating him. No

TM01 Dynamic Punch is rewarded by Gym Leader Chuck once you’ve beaten him in battle in the Cianwood Gym.

Note that you’ll need Surf to reach Cianwood City, and Strength to navigate inside Cianwood Gym. So you’ll likely be at least mid-way through the main storyline before you can acquire this TM.


There are two things we ‘ll need to reach Cianwood City and challenge Gym Leader Chuck:

1. A Pokémon that can Surf

Surf is necessary to cross the sea separating Olivine City from Cianwood City.

Using Surf at the Cianwood coast / Pokémon Crystal
Using Surf at the Cianwood coast.

You can get HM03 Surf by defeating all five Kimono Girls at the Ecruteak City Dance Theater, then talking to the well-dressed man watching the show.

Receiving HM03 Surf from the well-dressed gentleman / Pokémon Crystal
Receiving HM03 Surf from the well-dressed gentleman.

2. A Pokémon that can use Strength

Cianwood Gym presents a puzzle where your Pokémon will need to use Strength outside of battle to push boulders around. So we need the Strength HM as well.

Using Strength in Cianwood Gym / Pokémon Crystal
Using Strength in Cianwood Gym.

You can get HM04 Strength by talking to a sailor NPC eating alone at the Olivine Café, just some steps west of Olivine City’s Pokémon Center.

Receiving HM04 from the sailor / Pokémon Crystal
Receiving HM04 from the sailor.

Getting TM01 Dynamic Punch (Step-by-Step)

Step 1: Surf from Olivine City to Cianwood City.

The fastest way to get there is to exit Olivine toward Route 40 by reaching the western end of the coastline and then following the western edge of the map down.

Swimming away from the Olivine coastline / Pokémon Crystal
Swimming away from the Olivine coastline.

First, Route 40 will take you south. You’ll see some trainers splashing around in the water, but you can avoid them as long as you stay at a safe distance of at least four steps.

Swimming past trainers in Route 40 / Pokémon Crystal
Swimming past trainers in Route 40.

Then you’ll turn west as soon as you enter Route 41.

Crossing from Route 40 into Route 41 / Pokémon Crystal
Crossing from Route 40 into Route 41.

Keep going until the way turns south again. You’re almost at Cianwood City’s coast!

Last turn before Cianwood City / Pokémon Crystal
Last turn before Cianwood City.

Finally, swim down until you see the coastline. Welcome to Cianwood City.

Landing in Cianwood City / Pokémon Crystal
Landing in Cianwood City.

Step 2: Find the Cianwood Gym in the southwestern corner of the city. It’s just west of the Pokémon Center so you can’t miss it!

Route from Pokémon Center to Cianwood Gym / Pokémon Crystal
Route from Pokémon Center to Cianwood Gym.

Step 3: Defeat the Blackbelt Trainers and remove the boulders on the way to Gym Leader Chuck.

Bird’s eye view of Cianwood Gym / Pokémon Crystal
Bird’s eye view of Cianwood Gym.

There’s only one way through Cianwood Gym, and that’s forward, through all of the trainers. This straightforward approach is fitting for a Fighting-type Gym.

Note: Ghost-type Pokémon are 100% immune to Fighting-type damage, making them a great choice to “cheese” the Gym if you have the right critters in your party.

You’ll also have to remove a boulder barrier with a Pokémon that can use Strength outside of battle. But this boulder puzzle is pretty simple:

  1. First, you need to move the two lateral boulders (1, 2) forward.
  2. Then move the one in the middle (3) to the side, opening the way forward.
Moving boulders around to open a way forward through Cianwood Gym / Pokémon Crystal
Moving boulders around to open a way forward through Cianwood Gym.

Step 4: Defeat Gym Leader Chuck and receive TM01 Dynamic Punch as a reward.

Chuck’s Team

Gym Leader Chuck’s Team
Gym Leader Chuck
Pokémon Primeape (Lvl. 27) Poliwrath (Lvl. 30)
Type Fighting Water/Fighting
Held Item None None
  • Leer
  • Rage
  • Karate Chop
  • Fury Swipes
  • Hypnosis
  • Mind Reader
  • Surf
  • Dynamic Punch

Like the rest of the trainers in Cianwood Gym, Chuck is a Fighting-type specialist.

The addition of the Water/Fighting-type Poliwrath gives him a bit more coverage, but he only has two Pokémon, so he shouldn’t prove too troublesome.

Psychic, Flying, and especially Ghost-type Pokémon remain great options to tackle this challenge.

Tip: Stock up on Awakenings to deal with Poliwrath’s Hypnosis in the PokéMarts at Cherrygrove, Violet, and Ecruteak City. They’re also sold at Goldenrod Dept. Store.

You’ll get both the Storm Badge and TM01 Dynamic Punch from Chuck as a reward for conquering the Cianwood Gym.

Receiving TM01 after winning the battle against Chuck / Pokémon Crystal
Receiving TM01 after winning the battle against Chuck.

TM01 DynamicPunch Details + Uses

DynamicPunch Move Details
Type Fighting
Category Physical
Power 100
Effect 99% chance of inflicting Confusion on the target.
Accuracy 50%
PP 5 (max. 8)

Dynamic Punch is a powerful but unreliable Fighting-type move with an almost guaranteed chance to inflict Confusion on the target.

It’s a risky move with 50% chance of giving you a massive advantage if used early on in the fight, and a 50% chance of wasting a turn.

Tip: The moves Mind Reader and Lock On can help ensure Dynamic Punch will land. You’ll invest one extra turn, but at least you’re guaranteed one hit every two turns.

More reliable options include Cross Chop and High Jump Kick, which offer comparable damage with much more accuracy. But these moves aren’t available as a TM.

But Dynamic Punch can be invaluable in the upcoming fight against Gym Leader Jasmine in Olivine City, as her Steel-type Pokémon are weak to Fighting-type moves.

Who To Teach Dynamic Punch To

It makes no sense to risk losing a turn if you won’t get a decisive advantage, so teach Dynamic Punch to a Fighting-type Pokémon with high Attack for maximum damage.

Here are some candidates, in order of availability:

Pokémon Type Location
Machoke Fighting Mt. Mortar. Evolve Machop.
Poliwrath Water/Fighting Evolve Poliwhirl.
Hitmonlee Fighting Evolve Tyrogue (high Attack).
Hitmonchan Fighting Evolve Tyrogue (high Defense).

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