Sticks (Leeks) in Pokémon Crystal

All Stick Locations
# Location Repeatable?
1 Route 43 (4 AM to 6 PM). Found on 2% of wild Farfetch’d. Yes

Sticks (later known as Leeks) are held items only found on 2% of wild Farfetch’d in Pokémon Crystal.

Wild Farfetch’d can be found exclusively on Route 43 from 4 AM to 6 PM. This route connects Mahogany Town to the Lake of Rage in northern Johto.

Farfetch’d territory (Route 43) on Johto’s map / Pokémon Crystal
Farfetch’d territory (Route 43) on Johto’s map.

Once you find a Farfetch’d, you can either use Thief to check for Sticks or catch it and check manually.

Tip: Make sure your Pokémon isn’t holding anything when using Thief, or you won’t be able to take the Stick from Farfetch’d.

Using Sticks

The Stick is a held item that increases the holder’s Critical Hit ratio by two stages. Though it only works on Farfetch’d.

Note: A Critical Hit doubles the damage dealt by an attack.

Usually, Farfetch’d would land a Critical Hit around 6.6% of the time. With the Stick, that number goes up to 25% of the time, or one of every four attacks.

Farfetch’d also learns Slash at Lv. 37. This move has an increased Critical Hit chance that stacks with the Stick, making Farfetch’d a Critical Hit machine.

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