How To Get the EXPN Card in Pokémon Crystal (Getting the Poké Flute)

Inside the Kanto Radio Tower in Pokémon Crystal

You’ll get the Radio EXPN Card from a well-dressed man in the Kanto Radio Station Tower located in Lavender Town. He’s standing around on the first floor near the back wall.

But you can only get the EXPN Card after you have fixed Kanto’s Power Plant by retrieving the missing Machine Part.

You’ll also need to first get the basic Radio Card in Goldenrod Radio Tower before you can upgrade it with the EXPN Card.


Before you can get the Radio EXPN Card in Lavender Town, you just need to fix the Kanto Power Plant east of Cerulean City.

This will restore power to the Tower & will allow you to obtain your EXPN Card.

Getting the Radio EXPN Card (Step-by-Step)

After you’ve fixed the Kanto Power Plant, fly to Lavender town and find the Kanto Radio Station Tower.

It’s directly across the street from the Pokémon Center.

Lavender Town’s Pokémon Center and Radio Station. / Pokémon Crystal
Lavender Town’s Pokémon Center and Radio Station.

Go inside and approach the manager (a well-dressed man with a hat) on the first floor (1F) and talk to him.

Kanto Radio Station, 1F. / Pokémon Crystal
Kanto Radio Station, 1F.

He’ll thank you for fixing the Kanto Power Plant, allowing his Radio Tower to broadcast again.

As a reward, he’ll give you the EXPN Card.

Obtaining the EXPN Card. / Pokémon Crystal
Obtaining the EXPN Card.

What Does the EXPN Card Unlock?

With the EXPN Card, you’ll be able to tune into three more Radio Stations on your PokéGear while you’re in Kanto. These new stations are:

  • Places & People
  • Let’s All Sing!
  • Poké Flute
Broadcast Channel Description
Places & People 16.5 Talk show hosted by DJ Lily.
Let’s All Sing! 18.5 PokéMusic by DJ Fern. Different song each day of the week.
Poké Flute 19.0 Plays a PokéFlute recording. Can be used to wake up Snorlax in Vermilion City.

The most important of these new channels is the PokéFlute station.

This can be used to wake up the Snorlax blocking access to Diglett’s Cave in Vermilion City.

Diglett’s Cave is the only way to reach the west side of Kanto (comprising Viridian City, Pewter City, Pallet Town, and the Cinnabar Islands). So you’ll likely want to go wake up this Snorlax as soon as you get the EXPN Card.

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