Where To Get TM22 SolarBeam in Pokémon Crystal

Finding the SolarBeam TM on Route 27 (Pokémon Crystal)
TM22 SolarBeam
# Location Repeatable?
1 Route 27 (Kanto). Surf south of the bridge that leads to Route 26, then use Whirlpool to access a secluded area where TM22 lies. No

TM22 SolarBeam is located on a secluded spot of land on Kanto’s Route 27. You can reach this area by using Surf and going east of New Bark Town.

But you’ll have to cross the Tohjo Falls cave to reach the Kanto side of Route 27, then continue eastward until reaching a bridge. Then you’ll have to use Whirlpool to cross over a section of water to finally reach the piece of land with the SolarBeam TM.


TM22 lies on the Kanto side of Route 27, which is only reachable by crossing Tohjo Falls from Johto.

A Pokémon that knows Surf allows you to reach Tohjo Falls from early on in the game. But the cave blocks your progress until you’ve collected all of the Johto Gym Badges, since you’ll need to climb a waterfall to progress.

So here’s what you need to climb waterfalls and to reach the SolarBeam TM:

  • Get HM07 Waterfall from the ground floor of the Ice Path, accessible from Mahogany Town’s eastern exit.
  • Defeat Gym Leader Clair in Blackthorn Gym so your Pokémon can use Waterfall outside of battle.
  • Bring a Pokémon that can use HM06 Whirlpool.

With this, you’ll be able to cross into the east side of Route 27 and pick up SolarBeam.

Getting TM22 Solar Beam (Step-by-Step)

Step 1: Use Surf to cross the water east of New Bark Town.

Crossing into Kanto from New Bark Town / Pokémon Crystal
Crossing into Kanto from New Bark Town.

Step 2: Land near the NPC and enter the cave to the northeast (Tohjo Falls).

Approaching the western entrance of Tohjo Falls / Pokémon Crystal
Approaching the western entrance of Tohjo Falls.

Step 3: Use Surf and Waterfall to cross Tohjo Falls.

Start by using Surf to approach the waterfall ahead, then use Waterfall to climb it.

Tohjo Falls, lower west side / Pokémon Crystal
Tohjo Falls, lower west side.

Then follow the water eastward and turn south at the next waterfall.

Tohjo Falls, upper east side / Pokémon Crystal
Tohjo Falls, upper east side.

Keep going south and you’ll see the exit to the right.

Tohjo Falls, lower east side / Pokémon Crystal
Tohjo Falls, lower east side.

Step 4: Once you’re back outside, use Surf to cross the small lake to your right.

Land on the other side and continue east through the tall grass.

Area east of Tohjo Falls, on the way to Route 26 / Pokémon Crystal
Area east of Tohjo Falls, on the way to Route 26.

Soon you’ll find yourself at a bridge. We’re almost there!

Tip: Trainers around this area have teams in the Lv.30-35 range, while the Pokémon in the tall grass are in the Lv.28-32 range.

Step 5: Walk onto the bridge going east and use Surf below the first tree you’ll see just north of the bridge. You can see this pictured below.

The Bridge on Route 27 / Pokémon Crystal
The Bridge on Route 27.

Step 6: Surf going down and you’ll quickly reach a whirlpool spot.

Use Whirlpool to cross into a secluded area, and then follow the path westward.

Road to TM22, south of the bridge on Route 27 / Pokémon Crystal
Road to TM22, south of the bridge on Route 27.

Step 7: Surf until you see a strip of land with an overworld item – this is TM22 SolarBeam.

TM22 on a secluded coast on Route 27 / Pokémon Crystal
TM22 on a secluded coast on Route 27.

Note: The NPC on this piece of land will want to battle. His name is Bird Keeper Jose and he uses a Lv.34 Farfetch’d.

It’s a single Pokémon, so you should be fine, but you can also skip this fight by landing up higher directly next to the TM item.

Obtaining TM22 SolarBeam / Pokémon Crystal
Obtaining TM22 SolarBeam.

TM22 SolarBeam Details + Uses

SolarBeam Move Details
Type Grass
Category Special
Power 120
Charge-Up Time One turn. Launches immediately under harsh sunlight.
Accuracy 100%
PP 10 (max. 16)

SolarBeam is the most powerful Grass-type move in Pokémon Crystal, but it comes with a major downside:

Having to charge-up the move for one turn before it can be used.

This effectively halves your damage potential over the course of two turns.

What you might want to do is combine SolarBeam with Sunny Day, which summons clear skies and bright sunlight for five turns.

The brighter sunlight weather allows your Pokémon to use Solar Beam immediately in a single turn, devastating your opponents in no time.

Tip: This strategy is especially useful against Gym Leader Misty in Cerulean City.

Ideally you’d want to teach Solar Beam to a Grass-type Pokémon with high Special Attack. Here are some of my favorite candidates:

Pokémon Type Location
Victreebel Grass/Poison Evolve Weepinbell with a Leaf Stone.
Vileplume Grass/Poison Evolve Gloom.
Exeggutor Grass/Psychic Evolve Exeggcute.
Meganium Grass Starter (Chikorita line).

All of these Pokémon get STAB damage when launching Solar Beam, and they can all learn Sunny Day to remove the charge-up turn.

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