Where To Get TM12 Sweet Scent in Pokémon Crystal

The NPC that gives you TM12 Sweet Scent (Pokémon Crystal)
TM12 Sweet Scent
# Location Repeatable?
1 Route 34. Enter the gate at the southern end of Route 34 (just above Ilex Forest) and speak to the woman on the right-hand side. No

In Pokémon Crystal, you can get TM12 Sweet Scent by talking to a lady standing with her Butterfree in the gate between Ilex Forest and Route 34. You’ll find this gate just south of Goldenrod City.

And this NPC will give you the TM for free, but this is the only copy of TM12 in the game.


Before you can reach the guardhouse, there are two things you need to accomplish:

  • Defeat the Azalea Town gym
  • Receive HM01 Cut from the Charcoal Maker

TM12 Sweet Scent Location

The guardhouse at the end of the forest / Pokémon Crystal
Enter this guardhouse at the end of the Ilex Forest

Pictured above is the gate you’re looking for – you’ll find it at the northwest corner of Ilex Forest.

Once inside, the NPC who gives you TM12 is easy to spot. You can find her to the right standing behind a counter, with a Butterfree next to her.

Talk to the lady on the right / Pokémon Crystal
Talk to the lady on the right

Talk to her, and she will hand you TM12 Sweet Scent.

Getting TM12 Sweet Scent / Pokémon Crystal
Getting TM12 Sweet Scent

Note: You can also access this guardhouse by going south from Goldenrod City.

Using Sweet Scent

Viewing TM12 Sweet Scent in the inventory / Pokémon Crystal
Viewing TM12 Sweet Scent in the inventory

Sweet Scent is a Normal-type move that lowers the evasiveness of the opposing Pokémon by 1 stage.

Or if used as a field move, Sweet Scent will also attract wild Pokémon in grass or on water. Sweet Scent will cause wild Pokémon to appear, even if a Repel has been used.

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