List of All Wild Held Items (Pokémon Crystal)

In tall grass near wild Pokémon (collage)

Regular Wild Held Items

The following items have a chance of being found on any wild Pokémon of the listed species.

Items Held by Wild Pokémon
Pokémon Common Item (23%) Rare Item (2%)
Furret Berry Gold Berry
Shuckle Berry Berry
Vulpix Burnt Berry Burnt Berry
Growlithe Burnt Berry Burnt Berry
Magmar Burnt Berry Burnt Berry
Jynx Ice Berry Ice Berry
Miltank Moomoo Milk Moomoo Milk
Clefairy MysteryBerry Moon Stone
Shellder Pearl Big Pearl
Staryu Stardust Star Piece
Paras & Parasect TinyMushroom Big Mushroom
Cubone & Marowak Thick Club*
Farfetch’d Stick*
Misdreavus Spell Tag
Butterfree SilverPowder*
Fearow Sharp Beak
Dodrio Sharp Beak
Sneasel Quick Claw
Beedrill Poison Barb
Grimer & Muk Nugget
Mr. Mime MysteryBerry
Magnemite Metal Coat
Chansey Lucky Egg*
Poliwhirl King’s Rock
Slowpoke & Slowbro King’s Rock
Geodude & Graveler Everstone
Horsea & Seadra Dragon Scale
Dratini & Dragonair Dragon Scale
Pikachu Berry
Sentret Berry
*The item can only be obtained this way.

Scripted Held Items

Special wild Pokémon found in the overworld instead of through random encounters can carry items, too.

These items have a 100% chance of appearing in the Pokémon’s held item slot when the battle starts and they can be retrieved after capturing the Pokémon (or by using Thief).

Items Held by Overworld Pokémon
Wild Pokémon Held Item Location

Snorlax / Pokémon Crystal
Leftovers East of Vermilion City (blocks the way to Diglett’s Cave)

East of Vermilion City / Pokémon Crystal

Ho-Oh / Pokémon Crystal
Sacred Ash Tin Tower (Top Floor)

Tin Tower (Top Floor) / Pokémon Crystal

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