Pokémon ORAS: Elite Four Glacia (3rd E4 Battle)

Challenging Elite Four Glacia
Elite Four Glacia / Pokémon ORAS
Glalie Lv. 52 / Pokémon ORAS
Froslass Lv. 52 / Pokémon ORAS
Glalie Lv. 52 / Pokémon ORAS
Froslass Lv. 52 / Pokémon ORAS
Walrein Lv. 54 / Pokémon ORAS
Pokémon Glalie Lv. 52 Froslass Lv. 52 Glalie Lv. 52 Froslass Lv. 52 Walrein Lv. 54
Type Ice Ice / Ghost Ice Ice / Ghost Ice / Water
Ability Inner Focus Snow Cloak Inner Focus Snow Cloak Thick Fat
Held Item None None None None None
  • Light Screen
  • Ice Shard
  • Hail
  • Crunch
  • Confuse Ray
  • Blizzard
  • Hail
  • Ominous Wind
  • Protect
  • Ice Shard
  • Hail
  • Freeze-Dry
  • Draining Kiss
  • Blizzard
  • Hail
  • Shadow Ball
  • Surf
  • Body Slam
  • Blizzard
  • Sheer Cold
Hallway that leads to Elite Four Glacia’s room / Pokémon ORAS
Hallway that leads to Elite Four Glacia’s room

Tips & Strategies for Defeating Glacia

Challenging Glacia / Pokémon ORAS
Challenging Glacia

Here are some tips and strategies to help you win this fight:

  • Use Rock-type Moves. While Fire, Fighting, and Steel-type moves work well against the majority of Glacia’s lineup, Rock-type moves are good against every member of her team. Using Rock-type moves such as Rock Slide or Stone Edge can give you a strategic upper hand in the battle.
  • Change the Weather. Most of Glacia’s Pokémon can use Hail, increasing the accuracy of the move Blizzard to 100%. Counter this by having your Pokémon set up and replace the weather using moves like Sandstorm or Sunny Day.
  • Be Cautious when using Fighting-type Moves. Although Fighting-type moves are generally effective against Glacia’s team, her two Froslass possess a part-Ghost typing which makes them immune to Fighting and Normal-type moves.
  • Opt for Physical Moves When Light Screen is Active. Glalie can set up Light Screen, reducing the damage from Special moves by half. Either take down Glalie before it uses Light Screen or nullify Light Screen’s effect by using Brick Break or Defog.
  • Level Up Your Pokémon. Glacia might get lucky and successfully use Walrein’s Sheer Cold, landing a OHKO (One Hit Knock Out) on your Pokémon. However, if your Pokémon are level 54 or higher, they are immune to OHKO moves from lower-level Pokémon.

Recommended Pokémon & Moves to Use

Using Rock Slide on Walrein / Pokémon ORAS
Using Rock Slide on Walrein

If you’re struggling with this particular battle, check whether you’ve caught or raised any of the Pokemon listed below.

Recommended Pokémon
Magcargo / Pokémon ORAS
Aggron / Pokémon ORAS
Magnezone / Pokémon ORAS
Pokémon Magcargo Aggron Magnezone
Type Fire / Rock Steel / Rock Electric / Steel
Location Evolve Slugma found on:

  • Fiery Path
Evolve Lairon found on:

  • Victory Road
Evolve Magnemite found on:

  • Route 110
  • New Mauville

Changing up your Pokémon’s moves in between battles against the Elite Four can also be a viable strategy.

Consider letting eligible Pokémon learn the following TMs to help you defeat Glacia:

Recommended TMs to Learn
TM35 Flamethrower / Pokémon ORAS
TM80 Rock Slide / Pokémon ORAS
TM91 Flash Cannon / Pokémon ORAS
TM TM35 Flamethrower TM80 Rock Slide TM91 Flash Cannon
Type Fire Rock Steel
Location Victory Road Route 134 Mirage Island

After Defeating Glacia

Talking to Glacia after the battle / Pokémon ORAS
Talking to Glacia after the battle

After defeating Glacia, you’ll receive a reward of P 8,640.

Once the brief cutscene concludes, the room behind Glacia will unlock, which leads to the final Elite Four member: Drake.

Hallway that leads to the last Elite Four member / Pokémon ORAS
Hallway that leads to the last Elite Four member


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