Where To Get Electirizers in Pokémon ORAS

The Electirizer in the Battle Maison (Pokémon Omega Ruby)
All Electirizer Locations
# Method Repeatable?
1 Battle Maison’s Exchange Service Corner – 32 BP Yes
2 Held item from wild Elekid found in a Mirage Mountain south of Route 129 – 5% chance Yes

In Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire there are two ways to obtain Electirizers.

The first method is to but one from the Battle Maison’s Exchange Service Corner. Each Electirizer costs 32 Battle Points (BP).

Or you can steal Electirizers as held items from wild Elekid. These Pokémon can be found on a specific Mirage Mountain spot via the Eon Flute.

Method 1: Battle Maison’s BP Shop

The Battle Maison operates similarly to the Battle Tower from previous generations.

If you don’t know where the Battle Maison is, just head over to the Battle Resort’s Pokémon Center to get started.

Step 1: From the Battle Resort’s Pokémon Center, proceed slightly east and then head up the staircase at the nearby intersection.

Battle Resort’s Pokémon Center / Pokémon ORAS
Battle Resort’s Pokémon Center

Step 2: After going up the stairs, just keep going north and enter the Battle Maison.

Outside the Battle Maison / Pokémon ORAS
Outside the Battle Maison

Step 3: Once you’re inside, you’ll see two staircases going upstairs. Head up the left one.

Inside the Battle Maison / Pokémon ORAS
Inside the Battle Maison

Step 4: On the second floor you’ll find one of the Exchange Service Corner’s attendants. If you’ve got at least 32 BP then you can purchase the Electirizer from her.

Exchanging BP for useful items / Pokémon ORAS
Exchanging BP for useful items

In the Exchange Service Corner, two attendants offer a wide variety of valuable items in exchange for BP.

The right attendant sells held items used in battles. The left attendant sells Vitamins, EV training items, and evolution items, including the Electirizer.

Here’s a complete list of items offered as prizes by the attendant on the left:

Item Price Item Price
HP Up 2 BP Power Anklet 16 BP
Protein 2 BP Protector 32 BP
Iron 2 BP Up-Grade 32 BP
Calcium 2 BP Dubious Disc 32 BP
Zinc 2 BP Electirizer 32 BP
Carbos 2 BP Magmarizer 32 BP
Power Weight 16 BP Reaper Cloth 32 BP
Power Bracer 16 BP Whipped Dream 32 BP
Power Belt 16 BP Sachet 32 BP
Power Lens 16 BP Rare Candy 48 BP
Power Band 16 BP Ability Capsule 200 BP

Method 2: Stealing from Wild Elekid

Soaring the skies with Mega Latias / Pokémon ORAS
Soaring the skies with Mega Latias

You can also get free Electirizers by taking them from wild Elekid. You’ll only be able to find wild Elekit on the Mirage Mountain located south of Route 129.

Just use your Eon Flute and soar to the exact Mirage Island marked in the image below:

Exact Mirage Mountain where you can find wild Elekid / Pokémon ORAS
Exact Mirage Mountain where you can find wild Elekid

Upon reaching the Mirage Mountain, you’ll be able to find Elekid in any patch of tall grass in the area.

Note: Mirage spots rotate daily and are totally randomized. So if you can’t find this spot initially then you can adjust your clock or keep checking each day.

Below is the complete list of wild Pokémon available on this particular Mirage Mountain:

Wild Pokémon Chance Levels
Elekid 40% 36-38
Zebstrika 60% 36-38

When you encounter a wild Elekid, there’s a 5% chance it will be holding an Electirizer.

By using Thief you can steal the item from it.

But if you want more details on how to optimally farm held items from wild Pokémon then check out our held item farming guide.

DexNav Detector Mode

To increase the chances of finding an Electirizer, you can use your DexNav’s Detector Mode.

Here’s how it works:

After catching a specific species of Pokémon, you can use the DexNav to track more of the same species in the wild. Each encounter you have with this Pokémon, regardless of whether you catch it, will increase the DexNav’s search level.

As this level rises, the likelihood of encountering Pokémon carrying items also increases.

Using the DexNav’s Detector Mode / Pokémon ORAS
Using the DexNav’s Detector Mode

How the Electirizer Works

In-game details for Electirizer / Pokémon ORAS
In-game details for Electirizer

The Electirizer is a held item classified as an Evolution Item. It has no effect in battle, but it’s a unique item specifically designed for Electabuzz’s evolution.

When an Electabuzz holding an Electirizer is traded to another player, it will evolve into Electivire.

Once the trade is completed the Electirizer is consumed and disappears.


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