Pokémon ORAS Light Clay: Locations + Uses

Finding a Light Clay on Route 111 (Pokémon Alpha Sapphire)
All Light Clay Locations
# Method Repeatable?
1 Held item from Wild Pokemon (5% chance):

  • Baltoy – Route 111
  • Claydol – Sky Pillar

Light Clay can only be obtained as held items from wild Baltoy or Claydol. Each of these Pokémon has a 5% chance of holding a Light Clay, but you can use your DexNav to improve your odds.

The Light Clay is a held item that extends the effect of the holder’s Light Screen and Reflect, from 5 to 8 turns.

Stealing from Wild Baltoy or Claydol

Using TM46 Thief on a wild Baltoy / Pokémon ORAS
Using TM46 Thief on a wild Baltoy

Light Clay can be located in the wild with either Baltoy or Claydol. You can encounter Baltoy in the desert area of Route 111, while Claydol can be found on any floor of Sky Pillar.

Both Pokémon can be found simply by exploring these areas on foot.

When you encounter either Pokémon, there’s a 5% chance they will be holding a Light Clay.

To take the item you can just use a Pokémon that knows TM46 Thief. But if you want more details on how to optimally farm held items from wild Pokémon then check out this guide.

Here’s the complete list of Pokémon available in these areas:

Route 111 (Desert Area) – Wild Pokémon

Route 111 / Pokémon ORAS
Route 111
Pokemon Chance Levels
Baltoy 20% 23
Sandshrew 40% 20-23
Trapinch 20% 20-22
Cacnea 20% 21-23

Sky Pillar (All Floors)- Wild Pokémon

Sky Pillar / Pokémon ORAS
Sky Pillar
Pokemon Chance Levels
Claydol 30% 44-46
Golbat 30% 44-46
Ariados 30% 44-46
Mawile (OR) 10% 44-46
Sableye (AS) 10% 44-46

Using the DexNav

To increase the chances of finding a Light Clay you can use your DexNav’s Detector Mode.

Here’s how:

After catching a specific species of Pokémon, you can use the DexNav to track more of the same species in the wild. The DexNav’s search level increases with each encounter with this Pokémon, regardless of whether you catch it or not.

As this level rises, the likelihood of encountering Pokémon carrying items also increases.

Using the DexNav’s Detector Mode / Pokémon ORAS
Using the DexNav’s Detector Mode

How the Light Clay Works

In-game details for Light Clay / Pokémon ORAS
In-game details for Light Clay

The Light Clay is a held item that extends the duration of the holder’s barrier moves, such as Light Screen and Reflect. It extends these moves from 5 turns to 8 turns.

Ordinarily, Light Screen and Reflect – which halves the damage from special and physical attacks respectively – only lasts for 5 turns.

Light Screen and Reflect are two of the best support moves in the game, shutting down most attempts to wipe out a team with a sweeper.

Commonly referred to as Dual Screening, using both Reflect and Light Screen can turn fragile glass cannon Pokémon into bulkier Pokémon – and also make already bulky Pokémon even harder to take down.

Due to the utility of barrier moves, it’s a common and effective strategy to equip your Dual Screener Pokémon with Light Clay.

In competitive battles, it’s almost certain that Pokémon using Light Screen or Reflect will be holding a Light Clay.

Tip: Pokémon with the Prankster ability, such as Meowstic (Male) and Klefki, are especially good at setting up Dual Screens. This is because Prankster gives status moves like Reflect and Light Screen +1 priority, which puts them ahead of most other moves (that typically have a priority of 0). This means the priority-boosted move will likely go first, regardless of either Pokémon’s Speed.


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