Pokémon ORAS Lottery Guide (How It Works + Prizes)

The Lottery inside Lilycove Dept. Store

The Lottery Corner is located on the ground floor of the Lilycove Department Store.

Once per day, you can draw a lottery ticket and have the chance to win a prize if you own a Pokémon with a certain Trainer ID Number. If you’re really lucky, you can even win a Master Ball.

Here’s a list of all the prizes you can win:

Matching Digits Prizes
1 Moomoo Milk
2 PP Up
3 PP Max
4 Rare Candy
5 Master Ball

How the Lottery Works

Talking to the Lottery Corner receptionist / Pokémon ORAS
Talking to the Lottery Corner receptionist

In the Lilycove Department Store, talk to the rightmost receptionist to draw a daily lottery ticket. Then, the game generates a random five-digit number and checks if any of your Pokémon match it or have a similar ID Number. The more digits that match, the better the prize you get.

However, winning won’t be easy, especially since the game starts checking from the rightmost digit.

For instance:

If the lottery number is 12345, a Pokémon with the ID Number 12305 will win for matching the last digit. However, a Pokémon with the ID 12340 won’t win, even though it matches the first four digits on the left.

Note: The game checks ID Numbers from your current party, PC, and Battle Box. However, it doesn’t count Pokémon that are in the Pokémon Day Care Centers on Route 117 and Battle Resort.

Winning a Master Ball from the Lottery / Pokémon ORAS
Winning a Master Ball from the Lottery

How To Increase your Chances of Winning

Trading with a friend / Pokémon ORAS
Trading with a friend

To increase your chances of winning the lottery each day, just collect Pokémon with different Trainer ID Numbers. You can achieve this through trading.

Wonder Trade

To quickly collect Pokémon with different ID Numbers, utilize the game’s Wonder Trade feature.

It lets you automatically trade a chosen Pokémon with one from a random player. You can find this feature in the PSS (Player Search System) on the bottom screen.

Player Search System (PSS) / Pokémon ORAS
Player Search System (PSS)

If you plan to use Wonder Trade, have a box of Pokémon with your own ID Number that you don’t mind trading away. This will prevent you from accidentally trading a Pokémon you received from someone else with a unique ID number.

You can also trade with friends or use the GTS, but both methods are slower than using Wonder Trade to get Pokémon from many trainers fast.

In-Game Trades

If you don’t have access to Wonder Trade, you can also trade with some NPCs, as shown in the table below. Each of their Pokémon will have a unique ID number.

Trade # 1
What You Get Makuhita

Requested Pokémon Slakoth

Location Rustboro City – East of Rustboro Gym

Trade # 2
What You Get Skitty

Requested Pokémon Spinda

Location Fortree City – Northwest treehouse

Trade # 3
What You Get Corsola

Requested Pokémon Bellossom

Location Pacifidlog Town – South of Pokémon Center


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