Brass Sheet – Spiritfarer

Brass Sheet in Spiritfarer
Brass Sheet
Material Type Metal
Made From
Made In Smithy
Selling Price 380 Glims

Brass Sheet is a type of craftable metal in Spiritfarer. It’s made by combining 1 copper ingot and 1 zinc ingot inside the Smithy, and is used as a material for crafting one of Bruce and Mickey’s Crib improvements.

What You Need

In order to craft a brass sheet, make sure you have:

  • 1 Copper Ingot
  • 1 Zinc Ingot
  • The Smithy

How to Get Copper Ingots

Mining for copper ore in Iwashima Countryside / Spiritfarer
Mining for copper ore in Iwashima Countryside.

The first step here is to collect some copper ore. Here are all of the locations where you can mine it from:

  • Greenhalten Bay
  • Iwashima Countryside
  • Mount Toroyama
  • Furogawa Region Floating Crates

To get copper ore, simply approach any of the nodes and hold the interact button to start mining. You can also check our full copper ore guide for a detailed look at the locations of these nodes.

After you have mined copper ore, take them inside the Foundry and put them in the machine along with some coal in the furnace. Then alternate between the two bellows while making sure the temperature never goes beyond the indicated level.

Once the thermometer fills up, collect your copper ingots in the basket on the right side of the furnace.

How to Get Zinc Ingots

The Zinc Ore node in Hidden Thicket / Spiritfarer
The Zinc Ore node in Hidden Thicket.

Here you’ll first need some zinc ore. Similar to copper, these are also mined from nodes located in these islands:

  • Southpoint Docks
  • Flotsam Shores
  • Hidden Thicket

Once you find a node, simply approach it and hold the interact button to start mining the zinc. You can also check our full zinc ore guide for the exact locations of these zinc nodes.

After mining, head inside the Foundry and start the smelting process again, this time using the zinc ore. Just make sure you keep the temperature within the indicated level to make sure nothing overheats.

Just like before, you can collect your zinc in the basket located on the Foundry’s right side.

Making Brass Sheets

Pick the brass sheet from the list of options / Spiritfarer
Pick the brass sheet from the list of options.

For the last step, bring your copper and zinc ingots inside the Smithy and choose the Brass Sheet from the list of options.

A timer will appear after you confirm, and you will need to wait for this to finish.

Then a ball of molten metal will come out, and you will need to hit it with your hammer. While smithing, make sure you pause from hitting if the hammer becomes too red, otherwise it can explode which will force you to re-start the mini-game.

Once the ball is fully flattened, Stella will douse it with water and it will turn into 1 brass sheet.

Hit the molten ball of metal to start smithing / Spiritfarer
Hit the molten ball of metal to start smithing.

Using Brass Sheets

You can the brass sheet on this improvement:

Construction/Improvement Materials
Bruce and Mickey’s Crib Improvement (Home Cinema)
  • 2 Brass Sheets
  • 2 Crystal Glass Sheets
  • 5 Marbles
  • 920 Glims

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