Grilled Octopus Recipe Guide – Spiritfarer

Cooking Grilled Octopus in Spiritfarer
Grilled Octopus
Dish Type Fine Dining Food
Ingredients 1 Octopus
Where to Make Kitchen
Selling Price 220 Glims

Grilled Octopus is an easy-to-make fine dining dish in Spiritfarer. Its only ingredient is Octopus, which you’ll be able to catch by fishing in the waters in Oxbury.

What You Need

In order to make Grilled Octopus, you will need:

  • The Kitchen
  • 1 Octopus

The kitchen itself is one of the very first buildings you make in the game, during Gwen’s tutorial section. So you should have that just by progressing through the story.

Where To Get Octopus

Reeling in while your fishing line is red will cause it to break and fail the minigame. / Spiritfarer
Reeling in while your fishing line is red will cause it to break and fail the minigame.

First, head to Albert’s Shipyard and purchase the Rock Destroyer Boat Improvement if you don’t have it yet. This will let you break through the rock barriers in the game.

We have a full breakdown of this improvement in our Boat Improvement Guide.

After getting the upgrade, head to the waters around Oxbury and start fishing. You can do this at any time of day, but make sure the weather is clear. When fishing, remember to alternate between reeling in (yellow line) and letting go momentarily (red line).

You should be able to catch an octopus after a few tries. If not, travel to another part of the region and keep fishing until you catch one.

How To Cook Grilled Octopus

Cooking Grilled Octopus. / Spiritfarer
Cooking Grilled Octopus.

Take your seafood to the kitchen oven and start cooking. You can cook up to 5 Octopus at a time in the oven.

Once you put in the ingredients, you’ll see a timer above the oven. Your dish will be ready once the timer finishes counting down.

But make sure you don’t leave it inside for too long to avoid getting inedible burnt food.

Once this is cooked, you can then give Grilled Octopus to:

  • Atul
  • Giovanni
  • Gustav
  • Gwen

Additionally, you can also sell this dish to Raccoon Inc. branches for 220 Glims if you don’t have spirits who will eat it.

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