Yellowfin Tuna Fish Guide + Location (Spiritfarer)

Catching a Yellowfin Tuna in Spiritfarer
Yellowfin Tuna
How to Acquire Fishing
Regions Oxbury
When to Catch Any Time
Weather Any Weather
Selling Price 750 Glims

The yellowfin tuna is easily the largest fish you can catch in the game. It’s also one of the hardest ones to catch, and it can only be found in a specific area in the Oxbury region once you get the Rock Destroyer Boat Improvement.

Once caught, you can use your Yellowfin Tunas to cook at least 6 fish-related recipes.

Where To Catch Yellowfin Tuna

Watch your line when it becomes red while reeling your catch in. / Spiritfarer
Watch your line when it becomes red while reeling your catch in.

You can only find yellowfin tuna on a specific spot at these coordinates: (X: 97, Y: -76).

This area is near the island of Oxbury. However before you can reach this area you first need the Rock Destroyer Boat Improvement, which you can purchase from Albert’s Shipyard.

Tip: A full list of the materials required for the boat upgrade can be found in our complete upgrades guide here.

Yellowfin tuna are found in this location. / Spiritfarer
Yellowfin tuna are found in this location.

To catch this fish, you will need to play the fishing minigame. Here’s how:

Sit at the back of Stella’s ship and she will automatically cast her line into the water. Then once you get a bite and your bobber moves, start reeling in your catch by holding the interact button. While reeling, make sure you watch your line and pause from reeling if it turns red, as it can snap and end the minigame.

Keep in mind that tuna are the hardest fish to catch in the game, which means that you will need to balance between reeling and pausing for up to five minutes or so until you get your tuna catch.


Cooking fish curry with yellowfin tuna. / Spiritfarer
Cooking fish curry with yellowfin tuna.

Here are all of the recipes that you can cook using yellowfin tuna:

Dish Ingredients
Grilled Fish Any Kind of Fish
Fish Curry
  • Grain (Any Type)
  • Fish (Any Type)
  • 1 Fish (Any Kind)
  • 1 Mushroom or Veggie (Any Kind)
Fisherman’s Pie
  • 1 Fish (Any Kind)
  • 1 Flour (Any Kind)
Fish Sticks
  • 1 Fish (Any Kind)
  • 1 Fat (Any Kind)
Tuna Tataki
  • 1 Tuna (Any Kind)
  • 1 Savory Veggie (Any Kind)

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