Sauerkraut Recipe Guide for Spiritfarer

Making Sauerkraut in the Cellar in Spiritfarer
Dish Type Acquired Taste
Ingredients 1 Cabbage
Where to Make Cellar
Selling Price 390 Glims
Buying Price 780 Glims

Sauerkraut is an ingredient and unknown meal in Spiritfarer that falls under the “acquired taste” category. It’s made from cabbage aged in the Cellar.

What You Need

In order to make this unknown meal, you will need a couple things:

  • The Cellar
  • 1 Cabbage

How To Build the Cellar

The Cellar is unlocked via the Master Blueprint Station / Spiritfarer
The Cellar is unlocked via the Master Blueprint Station.

First, visit Albert’s Shipyard and purchase the Master Blueprint Station from there. It’s the fourth and final upgrade, and we have a guide with all the materials needed for every Blueprint Station upgrade.

Next, we need to find Stanley. The process goes like this:

Step 1: First, make sure you have already sent four spirits to the Everdoor. This is done by completing all of a spirit’s requests and taking them to the Everdoor.

Step 2: Start fishing for a mysterious seed with a mushroom icon. You can fish for this seed anywhere, given you have completed the first step.

Step 3: After you get the seed, plant it in your Garden until it grows into the spirit Stanley.

Once Stanley is on the ship, you’ll just need to complete the following requests:

  • Big Boy’s Room (1)
  • Big Boy’s Room (2)
  • Unnamed Request (Dust Shades Minigame)
  • Dr. Splash’s Strange Experiments
  • Junior Architectural Designer
  • Mysterious Word

Once you have completed all of these, Stanley will give the “It’s Alive!” request, and you can now build the Cellar in your Blueprint Station.

Where To Get Cabbage

Getting cabbage in the Garden / Spiritfarer
Getting cabbage in the Garden.

For Cabbage you’ll need to have the Icebreaker Boat Improvement. We’ve covered all the materials needed for this in our boat upgrades guide.

Once you have the upgrade, head north to visit the island of Loneberg.

After arriving on the island, walk a little to find the Raccoon Store. Here you’ll be able to purchase Cabbage seeds for 90 Glims each.

Plant these seeds in your Garden and grow accordingly until you can harvest the cabbage.

How To Make Sauerkraut

Aging cabbage in the Cellar / Spiritfarer
Aging cabbage in the Cellar.

Now simply head inside the Cellar and interact with any of the three compartments to put in your cabbage.

A timer will then appear, and your dish will be ready once the timer finishes counting down and turns to green. Do note that leaving the dish past the indicated time period will lead to spoiled food.

This acquired taste dish can be served to any of the following spirits:

  • Atul
  • Gustav
  • Bruce & Mickey

Aside from that, you can also sell Sauerkraut to Raccoon Shops for 390 Glims.

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