FFX Tough Bangle Location (Step-by-Step Guide)

Crusaders at Operation Miihen (FFX HD)

The Tough Bangle can be obtained from one of the Crusaders on the Mushroom Rock Road during Operation Mi’ihen. To find this NPC, take a few steps back towards the Mi’ihen Highroad right after the cutscene about Seymour’s support for Operation Mi’ihen.

Simply talk to the Crusader NPC and he’ll give you the Tough Bangle for free.

Obtaining the Tough Bangle / FFX
Obtaining the Tough Bangle from the Crusader NPC

While you will be able to return to Mushroom Rock Road later on in the game, this NPC will only be present during your first visit to the area. So if you’ve already progressed the story beyond this point, then you will not be able to get the Tough Bangle in your current save file.

How To Get The Tough Bangle (Step-By-Step)

Mi'ihen Highroad North End / Final Fantasy X
Mi’ihen Highroad North End
  1. Defeat the Chocobo Eater boss on the Mi’ihen Highroad
  2. Continue traveling up the Mi’ihen Highroad
  3. Speak with Dona when you reach the north end of the road
  4. Approach the carriage blocking your way for a quick cutscene with Luzzu and Gatta
  5. Speak to the Crusader on the right, he will not allow you to pass
  6. Backtrack a bit and another cutscene will start after taking a few steps
  7. The Crusader will now let you proceed to the Mushroom Rock Road
  8. Once you enter the Mushroom Rock Road, another cutscene will play
  9. After this cutscene, take a few steps back towards the Mi’ihen Highroad and you’ll see a Crusader NPC standing there
  10. Speak with this Crusader and he will give you the Tough Bangle

Tough Bangle Stats

Tough Bangle Stats / FFX
Tough Bangle Stats
Tough Bangle Stats
Type Armor
Character Lulu
Ability Slots 2
Abilities HP +20%

Is The Tough Bangle Worth Getting?

Lulu on the Mushroom Rock Road / Final Fantasy X
Lulu on the Mushroom Rock Road

As a piece of equipment that has a significant HP boost that is given to you for free, it’s definitely worth getting! That being said, don’t feel too bad about missing out on the Tough Bangle if you forget to pick it up.

At first glance, an additional 20% HP seems huge, especially near the start of the game.

Add the fact that this Tough Bangle can actually be missed during your playthrough and you may start to worry about not obtaining it.

However, the HP +20% ability isn’t all that rare. And it can easily be customized onto other bangles later on.

Even when first obtaining the Tough Bangle, Lulu doesn’t necessarily need the HP bonus since she has naturally high evasion.

In short: pick it up since it’s free and you don’t have to go far to get it. On the other hand, don’t worry about it too much if you already missed it, because you’ll get way better gear later on anyway.

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