How To Get TM17 Protect in Pokémon Black & White

Inside Professor Juniper's Lab in Pokémon Black

Professor Juniper will give you TM17 Protect after you’ve seen 60 different Pokémon in the Unova region. Note that this just requires you to see/fight at least 60 Pokémon in battle (you don’t have to catch them).

The Professor’s location varies depending on where you are in your journey, but she can almost always be found at her lab in Nuvema Town.

TM17 Protect Location (Step-by-Step)

Step 1: Starting at your home in Nuvema Town, head northwest on the dirt path.

Head northwest on the dirt path. / Pokemon BW
Head northwest on the dirt path.

Step 2: Enter Professor Juniper’s lab, which is north of your home.

Enter Professor Juniper’s lab. / Pokemon BW
Enter Professor Juniper’s lab.

Step 3: After entering the lab, Professor Juniper will be found standing in the center of the room. Speak to her.

Speak to Professor Juniper. / Pokemon BW
Speak to Professor Juniper.

Step 4: After showing the Professor your Pokédex with at least 60 different Unova Pokémon, she’ll give you TM17 Protect.

You just need to see these Pokémon in battle, so you don’t need to have caught/evolved 60 different species.

Professor Juniper giving us TM17 Protect. / Pokemon BW
Professor Juniper giving us TM17 Protect.

Protect Details + Uses

In-game details for TM17 Protect. / Pokemon BW
In-game details for TM17 Protect.
Protect Move Details
Type Normal
Category Status
PP 10

Protect is a Normal-type Status move that is well-regarded by the Pokémon community.

It’s a versatile move, and it fits as the cornerstone of many different strategies.

Protect’s effect is pretty straightforward – it protects the user from most moves for the duration of the same turn it’s used. Protect’s priority is +4, meaning that it’s almost guaranteed to go first before any other attack.

Note: Feint is the only move that can bypass Protect in Black/White, and it is rarely used because of its weak damage.

There is one downside to Protect, though:

After the first use in battle, Protect’s success rate falls by 50% with each consecutive use in the same battle. Because of this, the move is really only viable for the first use.

One turn of protection can go a long way, though.

Protect is frequently used as part of the stall strategy, which focuses on slowly eating away at your opponent’s HP with status-inflicting moves like Toxic. Using Protect guarantees at least one more turn of HP loss.

Protect is also very useful in double battles to shield your ally.

Devastating moves like Earthquake and Surf deal great damage in double battles, but they also damage all Pokémon on the field. By using Protect, you’re able to use these attacks without worrying about friendly fire.

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