Berry Juice in Pokémon Crystal

Shuckle converts berries into berry juice
Berry Juice Locations
# Location Repeatable?
1 Shuckle may transform a held Berry into Berry Juice after a battle. It only happens after you’ve visited Goldenrod City once. Yes

Berry Juice is sometimes produced by a Shuckle holding a Berry after a Pokémon Battle.

Shuckle must actively participate in battle and stay above 50% HP to avoid consuming the Berry instead of producing Berry Juice. This is only possible after reaching Goldenrod City for the first time.


You’ll need two things to make Berry Juice:

  • Shuckle: Found by using Rock Smash in Route 40, Cianwood City, and the Dark Cave. You can also get a Shuckle named Shuckie from a trainer in Cianwood City.
  • Berry: Found on Berry trees and held by many wild Pokémon. Shuckie the Shuckle is holding one when it enters your party, too.

Additionally, you must wait until you’ve reached Goldenrod City for the first time.

Getting Berry Juice

Start by making sure your Shuckle is holding a Berry.

Hit START > POKéMON > SHUCKLE > STATS, and the right arrow. You’ll see the held item slot on the screen.

Shuckle holding a Berry. / Pokémon Crystal
Shuckle holding a Berry.

You can give Shuckle a Berry from your Bag by selecting the Berry, choosing “GIVE,” and navigating to Shuckle in the pop-up menu.

Berry in the bag. / Pokémon Crystal
Berry in the bag.

Once you’ve ensured Shuckle is holding a Berry, you want to fight weak Pokémon that won’t severely damage Shuckle.

The tall grass between New Bark Town and Cherrygrove City is a great option.

It doesn’t matter who makes the enemy Pokémon faint as long as Shuckle participates in the fight. Ensure Shuckle never drops below 50% HP so it doesn’t eat the Berry.

After a few fights, return to Shuckle’s stats screen and check whether the Berry has changed into Berry Juice. The odds of this happening are 1/16 each time Shuckle fights.

Shuckle holding Berry Juice. / Pokémon Crystal
Shuckle holding Berry Juice.

Berry Juice Uses

Berry Juice is a consumable held item that heals the holder for 20 hit points when it falls under 50% HP.

It can be a great substitute when Leftovers aren’t available, especially on lower-level battles.

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