Where To Get HM05 Flash in Pokémon Crystal

Sage Li in Sprout Tower (Pokémon Crystal)
HM05 Flash
# Location Repeatable?
1 Violet City. You’ll get the HM after defeating Sage Li on the third floor (3F) of the Sprout Tower. No

HM05 Flash can be obtained by climbing to the top of Sprout Tower in Violet City and defeating the head monk, Sage Li. He will give you the HM as a reward after you beat him in battle.

Sprout Tower can be found north of the Violet City Gym, and it’s accessible from the moment you reach Violet City.

But you’ll also need defeat Gym Leader Falkner at Violet City Gym to obtain the Zephyr Badge so your Pokémon can use Flash outside of battle.

Getting HM05 Flash (Step-by-Step)

Step 1: Find the Sprout Tower north of Violet Gym.

Road to Sprout Tower from Violet Gym / Pokémon Crystal
Road to Sprout Tower from Violet Gym.

Step 2: Climb to the third floor (3F) of Sprout Tower, facing monks and wild Pokémon on the way.

The monks train Bellsprouts almost exclusively. In addition, you’ll find some Rattata and Gastly on the way up to the third floor where Sage Li is located.

Tip: Players who chose Cyndaquil as their starter will have a much easier time here thanks to Fire-type advantages over Grass-types like Bellsprout.

First, go from 1F to 2F using the stairs left of the center pillar.

Traversing 1F (south) toward 2F (north) / Pokémon Crystal
Traversing 1F (south) toward 2F (north).

Then go towards the right and back down to 1F through another stairwell.

Traversing 2F (north) toward 1F (north) / Pokémon Crystal
Traversing 2F (north) toward 1F (north).

Back on 1F, go left again (along the northern wall) to find another set of stairs to 2F.

Traversing 1F (north) toward 2F (south) / Pokémon Crystal
Traversing 1F (north) toward 2F (south).

Finally, go down and then turn right to find the last set of stairs leading to 3F.

Traversing 2F (south) toward 3F / Pokémon Crystal
Traversing 2F (south) toward 3F.

Step 3: Approach Sage Li on the northern end of 3F and challenge them to battle.

Approaching Sage Li on 3F / Pokémon Crystal
Approaching Sage Li on 3F.

There’ll be a cutscene involving your rival before you can finally battle Sage Li. You do not need to battle your rival here.

Below is a quick table of Sage Li’s party.

Sage Li’s Team
Bellsprout Grass/Poison-type Level 7
Bellsprout Grass/Poison-type Level 7
Hoothoot Normal/Flying-type Level 10

Any Starter Pokémon that’s around Level 13 should be able to take on the entire team by themselves. But a couple extra Pokémon such as Raticate or Geodude (catchable nearby) wouldn’t hurt.

Tip: Remember to hit the Pokémon Center before battling Sage Li if you had a tough time making it up to 3F.

Once defeated, Sage Li will recognize your worth and grant you HM05 Flash.

Receiving HM05 from Sage Li / Pokémon Crystal
Receiving HM05 from Sage Li.

HM05 Flash Details + Uses

Flash Move Details
Type Normal
Category Status
Effect Decreases the target’s Accuracy slightly.
Accuracy 70%
PP 20

Most players will use Flash for its out-of-battle effect: lighting up dark places. This allows you to traverse pitch black caves such as:

  • Dark Cave, east of Violet City in Johto.
  • Mt. Mortar, between Ecruteak City and Mahogany Town in Johto.
  • Rock Tunnel, connecting Lavender Town and Cerulean City in Kanto.

Note: You must defeat Gym Leader Falkner in Violet City and acquire the Zephyr Badge before your Pokémon are able to use Flash outside of battle.

While this move’s Accuracy-decreasing effect could prove somewhat useful in battle, the 70% Accuracy makes it unreliable and underwhelming. So try not to teach it to any of your powerhouses.

Here are some Pokémon you could teach Flash to that you might have at this point of the game:

Pokémon Type Location
Chikorita Grass Starter Pokémon.
Bellsprout Grass/Poison Routes 31, 32, 36.
Hoothoot Normal/Flying Routes 29, 30, 31, 32, 36 (Night).
Hoppip Grass/Flying Routes 29, 30, 31, 32.
Spinarak Bug/Poison Routes 30, 31, 36 (Night).

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