Misty’s Team – Cerulean City Gym (Pokémon FRLG)

Challenging Misty in a gym battle
Gym Leader Misty
Pokémon Staryu Lv.18 Starmie Lv. 21
Type Water Water / Psychic
Ability Natural Cure Natural Cure
Held Item None None
  • Electric (x2)
  • Grass (x2)
  • Electric (x2)
  • Grass (x2)
  • Bug (x2)
  • Ghost (x2)
  • Dark (x2)
  • Tackle
  • Harden
  • Recover
  • Water Pulse
  • Rapid Spin
  • Swift
  • Recover
  • Water Pulse

Gym Puzzle Solution

Misty doesn’t necessarily have a puzzle to solve, but you can skip the fights in her Gym if you don’t feel like fighting extra battles.

The first trainer is quite obvious and you can just walk right around them.

Walking around the first trainer in Misty’s Gym / Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen
Walking around the first trainer in Misty’s Gym

The second trainer is waiting for you to walk in front of Misty so they can challenge you. To avoid this battle, simply walk up to the side of Misty instead of walking directly in front of her.

Walking to the side of Misty instead of right in front of her in order to avoid facing the second trainer in her Gym / Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen
Walking to the side of Misty instead of right in front of her in order to avoid facing the second trainer in her Gym

If your Pokémon aren’t around Level 20 yet, I recommend taking on the extra trainers just for the experience points, otherwise feel free to skip them and go directly for the Badge!

Tips for Beating Misty

  • Level up your Party: You will want your party to be around Level 20 before you take on Misty. Not all of your Pokémon need to be this high of a level, but any Grass or Electric Type Pokémon you plan on using should be on par with Misty’s Level 21 Starmie.
  • Misty has a Super Potion: She is not afraid to use the Potion on her Staryu or her Starmie, so don’t get too cocky when you get one of them low. After she uses it, though, she won’t have another!
  • Water Pulse can cause confusion: Water Pulse does a fair bit of damage, especially to Fire, Ground, and Rock Pokémon. It also has a 20% chance of confusing your Pokémon, so be careful. You can always swap the Pokémon out if you want to quickly cure its confusion.
  • Grass Types are the best option. If you’ve chosen Bulbasaur as your starter, it will learn Vine Whip at Level 10 and Razor Leaf at Level 20. Both moves will make quick work of Misty’s Water Type Pokémon.
  • Utilize Leech Seed (Bulbasaur): Bulbasaur’s Leech Seed will also be very useful. It will sustain your party through any damage caused by Water Pulse’s confusion.
  • If you have a Squirtle: Then you can evolve it into a Wartortle and teach it Bite at Level 19. Bite is a dark move that is strong against Starmie due to it being a Psychic Type Pokémon.
  • Pokémon you should bring: If you can catch a Pikachu before facing Misty, you’ll be in a good spot. You can also catch a Bellsprout (LeafGreen) or an Oddish (FireRed) on Routes 5 and 6. While not quite as strong as Bulbasaur, these Grass Types will still make your life much easier when attempting to win the Cascade Badge.

Rewards for Defeating Misty

After defeating Misty, you’ll be rewarded with the following:

  • 2,100 Pokédollars
  • TM03 Water Pulse
  • The Cascade Badge – Allows you to use Cut outside of battle. Also makes all Pokémon up to Level 30 obey you.


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