Best EV Training Spots for Every Stat (Pokémon ORAS)

EV training in a horde battle

Best EV Training Areas

The table below shows the best location for EV Training with Horde Battles:

Main Stat Location Pokémon Horde Rate
HP Rusturf Tunnel Whismur 100%
Attack Mt. Pyre Shuppet 100%
Defense Route 111 (Desert Area) Sandshrew 100%
Special Attack Route 119 Oddish 100%
Special Defense Route 115 Swablu 100%
Speed Route 104 Zigzagoon / Wingull / Taillow 100%

EV Training with Horde Battles

Using Sweet Scent outside of battle / Pokémon ORAS
Using Sweet Scent outside of battle

In Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, Horde Battles are the fastest method for EV training.

Also known as Horde Encounters, these battles involve facing 5 wild Pokémon at the same time.


Before you start EV Training with Horde Battles, here are some things you should prepare first:

  • Pokémon with the move Sweet Scent. Similar to an HM, you can use Sweet Scent outside of battles in tall grass or in caves to instantly trigger a Horde Battle. Below is a list of catchable Pokémon that can learn Sweet Scent:
Pokémon Location Learns Sweet Scent at
Oddish Route 110, Route 117, Route 119, Route 120, Safari Zone Lv. 5
Gloom Route 119, Route 120, Route 121, Route 123 Lv. 5
Surskit Route 102, Route 111, Route 114, Route 117 Lv. 9
Masquerain Route 102, Route 111, Route 114, Route 117, Route 120, Route 123, Petalburg City Lv. 9
Mawile Granite Cave, Cave of Origin, Sky Pillar, Victory Road (OR) Lv. 13
Illumise Route 117 Lv. 5
Roselia Route 117 Lv. 31
Tropius Route 119, Route 120 Lv. 6

Tip: You can use Honey as an alternative to Sweet Scent, as they function similarly. However, Sweet Scent can be used over and over again.

  • Pokémon with a Multi-Target Move. Moves such as Earthquake and Surf can defeat the entire horde quickly. Then just bring a high-leveled Pokémon to the battle, and the EXP Share will distribute the same amount of EVs to the entire team after every battle.
  • Pokérus + Power Items. Though it’s not necessary, it’s recommended to have at least one of these while EV Training to drastically speed up the time it takes to max out your Pokémon’s EVs. Check out the “How Much EVs You’ll Gain Per Battle” section below for more details.

Best EV Training Spots for Each Stat

Map of the best EV training spots / Pokémon ORAS
Map of the best EV training spots

The following locations offer the best EV Training Spots for each stat. By using Sweet Scent to trigger Horde Battles in these areas, you’re guaranteed to encounter Pokémon that yield EVs specifically for the stat you’re training.

HP – Rusturf Tunnel

Rusturf Tunnel / Pokémon ORAS
Rusturf Tunnel
Location Rusturf Tunnel
Horde Whismur
EV Yield 1 HP EV each
Levels 5
Rate 100%

Attack – Mt. Pyre

Inside Mt. Pyre / Pokémon ORAS
Inside Mt. Pyre
Location Mt Pyre 1F-4F
Horde Shuppet
EV Yield 1 Attack EV each
Levels 15
Rate 100%

Defense – Route 111 (Desert Area)

Route 111’s desert area / Pokémon ORAS
Route 111’s desert area
Location Route 111 – Desert
Horde Sandshrew
EV Yield 1 Defense EV each
Levels 11
Rate 100%

Special Attack – Route 119

Route 119 / Pokémon ORAS
Route 119
Location Route 119
Horde Oddish
EV Yield 1 Special Attack EV each
Levels 12
Rate 100%

Special Defense – Route 115

Route 115 / Pokémon ORAS
Route 115
Location Route 115
Horde Swablu
EV Yield 1 Special Defense EV each
Levels 10
Rate 100%

Speed – Route 104

Route 104 (South) / Pokémon ORAS
Route 104 (South)
Location Route 104 (North and South) Route 104 (South) Route 104 (North)
Horde Zigzagoon Wingull Taillow
EV Yield 1 Speed EV each 1 Speed EV each 1 Speed EV each
Levels 2-3 2 3
Rate 95% 5% 5%

Maxing EVs (Total EVs Per Battle)

Super Training status screen / Pokémon ORAS
Super Training status screen

You’ll need 252 EVs to fully EV Train a specific stat. So if possible, you’re going to need to use Power Items and/or Pokérus to enhance the efficiency of your training.

Below is a table showing the amount of EVs you’ll gain based on what you train with, ranging from least to most efficient. The table also indicates the number of hordes required to max out a particular stat and the EV yield from a single Pokémon, which can be helpful for builds that have different spreads.

Multipliers & Bonuses EV Yield # of Hordes needed to max out EV
Per Pokémon (1) Per Horde (5)
No Pokérus an No Item 1 5 51
Pokérus Only 2 10 26
Macho Brace Only 2 10 26
Pokérus + Macho Brace 4 20 13
Power Item Only 5 25 11
Pokérus + Power Item 10 50 6

For more details on Pokérus and the items that can make EV Training faster, here’s a quick overview:


Charizard infected with Pokérus / Pokémon ORAS
Charizard infected with Pokérus

Pokérus is a rare virus with a 1 in 21,845 chance of infecting any Pokémon in your party after a battle. Once a Pokémon has Pokérus, it can spread to other party members after a battle.

If a Pokémon is infected with the Pokérus, it gains double the EVs it would have gained from battles.

Because the odds of getting Pokérus is way lower than getting a shiny, it’s not recommended to repeatedly battle Pokémon in an attempt to contract Pokérus. Your best chance of getting it is by trading with players who already have it.

Power Items

In-game details for Power Anklet / Pokémon ORAS
In-game details for Power Anklet

When held by a Pokémon, each Power Item gives 4 additional EVs of a particular stat after a battle, but it halves the holder’s Speed in battle.

Power Item Stat
Power Weight HP
Power Bracer Attack
Power Belt Defense
Power Lens Special Attack
Power Band Special Defense
Power Anklet Speed

Macho Brace

In-game details for Macho Brace / Pokémon ORAS
In-game details for Macho Brace

When held by a Pokémon, the Macho Brace doubles the EVs gained by its holder after each battle, but it halves the holder’s Speed in battle.


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