How To Get Prism Scales in Pokémon ORAS (Evolving Feebas into Milotic)

Evolving Feebas with a prism scale
All Prism Scale Locations
# Method Repeatable?
1 Trade from Pokemon X/Y Yes

The only way to obtain a Prism Scale in Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire is by trading it from Pokémon X/Y. This means the Prism Scale isn’t directly obtainable just by playing ORAS.

With that said, there is technically an alternative way to evolve Feebas without needing a Prism Scale.

How Prism Scales Work

In-game details for Prism Scale / Pokémon ORAS
In-game details for Prism Scale

The Prism Scale, a held item classified as an Evolution Item, has no effect in battle.

It’s a unique held item specifically designed for Feebas’s evolution.

When a Feebas holding a Prism Scale is traded, it will evolve into Milotic. Once the trade is completed, the Prism Scale is consumed and disappears.

How To Evolve Feebas in Pokémon ORAS

Feebas’ beauty is maxed out as indicated by the marker / Pokémon ORAS
Feebas’ beauty is maxed out as indicated by the marker

If you don’t have a trade partner with Pokémon X/Y to get a Prism Scale, then you might be wondering how to evolve it in-game without trading.

You can actually evolve Feebas into Milotic when its Beauty reaches the maximum value.

So just feed your Feebas Blue or Rainbow Pokéblocks until its Beauty stat hits max level. After maxing out its Beauty, level it up once, and it should evolve into Milotic.

If you need more details on how to max out Beauty quickly and make the Pokeblocks you need to do it, check out this separate guide we created.


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