Where To Get TM83 Infestation in Pokémon ORAS

Getting the Infestation TM from the Collector NPC (Pokémon Alpha Sapphire)

To get TM83 Infestation, just talk to an NPC with blue hair and glasses inside Sootopolis City’s Poké Mart. He will ask you a question, and if you answer with “Maybe Lisia?” then he will give you the TM.

Note that to access the city’s Poké Mart you’ll need to surf to the west side of Sootopolis City.

TM83 Infestation Location (Step-by-Step)

Before you can get your hands on TM83 Infestation, make sure you’ve done the following:

  • Complete the story event taking place at the Cave of Origin, located in Sootopolis City
  • Bring a Pokémon that knows Surf

If you’re good to go, fly to the Pokémon Center in Sootopolis City to get started.

Step 1: Begin by heading south and descending the nearby staircase.

Sootopolis City leaving the PokeCenter / Pokemon ORAS
Sootopolis City leaving the PokeCenter

Step 2: When you’ve reached the water’s edge on the left-hand side, use Surf to cross to the city’s west side.

Surf spot within Sootopolis City / Pokemon ORAS
Surf spot within Sootopolis City

Step 3: Keep surfing west, past the Sootopolis Gym.

Surfing past the Sootopolis Gym / Pokemon ORAS
Surfing past the Sootopolis Gym

Step 4: As you land near a female NPC, stick to the path and ascend the stairs found on the left side.

West section of Sootopolis City / Pokemon ORAS
West section of Sootopolis City

Step 5: Once you’ve climbed the stairs, head straight into the Poké Mart that’s right in front of you.

Sootopolis City Poké Mart / Pokemon ORAS
Sootopolis City Poké Mart

Step 6: Talk with the Collector NPC inside the Poké Mart near the back wall and answer his question with “Maybe Lisia?”, and then he will give you the TM for Infestation.

The location of TM83 Infestation / Pokemon ORAS
The location of TM83 Infestation

TM83 Infestation Details + Uses

In-game details for TM83 Infestation / Pokemon ORAS
In-game details for TM83 Infestation
Infestation Move Details
Type Bug
Category Special
Power 20
Accuracy 100
PP 20 (max. 32)

TM83 Infestation is a Special Bug-type move that not only deals damage, but also causes the target to lose 1/8 of its maximum HP at the end of each turn for four to five turns.

Additionally, it prevents the target from switching out while Infestation’s effect is active.

That being said, the target can still switch if it’s holding a Shed Shell or using moves like Baton Pass, Parting Shot, U-turn, or Volt Switch. The effect also ends if the user faints, switches out, or if the target successfully uses Rapid Spin or Substitute.

Keep in mind that a Pokémon can only be affected by one binding move at a time.

Along with Infestation, here’s a list of all binding moves in Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire:

Move Power Accuracy Type
Bind 15 85 Normal
Clamp 35 85 Water
Fire Spin 35 85 Fire
Infestation 20 100 Bug
Magma Storm 100 75 Fire
Sand Tomb 35 85 Ground
Whirlpool 35 85 Water
Wrap 15 90 Normal
Using TM83 Infestation in battle / Pokemon ORAS
Using TM83 Infestation in battle

Is Infestation Worth Using?

Infestation is a pretty good move that sees some play in competitive battles. Like the ability Shadow Tag, which traps opponents in unfavorable matchups, Infestation can also give you the same momentum in battle when you manage to trap the right target.

The move Infestation is especially handy in the movesets of defensive stall Pokémon that also utilize Toxic and recovery moves to slowly chip away at their opponents’ health.

Unlike abilities such as Shadow Tag, which Ghost-types are immune to, or binding moves like Fire Spin that Pokémon with Flash Fire are immune to, no ability or Pokémon type can make them immune to Infestation.

It’s also worth noting that Infestation is the only binding move with a perfect accuracy of 100%.

However, Infestation might not be as helpful outside of competitive play since NPCs in the single-player storyline of the game rarely switch out their Pokémon.

You’re generally better off using more powerful moves in a normal playthrough, as there’s usually no need to use stall tactics against NPCs.

Tip: You can boost Infestation’s effectiveness by using held items like the Binding Band and Grip Claw. A Binding Band increases the fixed damage at the end of each turn, while a Grip Claw ensures the move always lasts for 7 turns.


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