How To Get Quick Claws in Pokémon Platinum

Getting a Quick Claw from the NPC in Jubilife Condominiums (Pokémon Platinum)

In Pokémon Platinum there are only two ways to get Quick Claws:

  1. You can get one free Quick Claw as soon as you enter Jubilife City, by speaking to the blonde woman on the ground floor of Jubilife City Condiminiums. (Once-only)
  2. Wild Meowth, Sneasel, Sandshrew, Sandslash, and Zangoose have a 5% chance to be holding a Quick Claw. So you could catch any of these Pokémon and remove their held item, or take their held item by using a move like Thief or Covet. (Repeatable)

We’ll cover both methods in this guide.

Method #1: Free Quick Claw in Jubilife City (Once-only)

Enter Jubilife City from Route 202, north of Sandgem town.

Entering Jubilife City / Pokémon Platinum
Entering Jubilife City

Follow the street up until you reach the third intersection, then enter the Jubilife Condominum building to your immediate right.

Jubilife City Condominiums / Pokémon Platinum
Jubilife City Condominiums.

There is a blonde woman standing on the left side of the first room you enter. Speak with her. She will rave about your adorable Pokémon, and give you the Quick Claw for them to hold.

The blonde woman on the first floor / Pokémon Platinum
The blonde woman on the first floor.
Acquiring the Quick Claw from Jubilife Condiminiums / Pokémon Platinum
Acquiring the Quick Claw from Jubilife Condiminiums.

Method #2: Quick Claws from Wild Pokémon (Repeatable)

Certain Pokémon that can be found in the wild have a 5% chance of holding a Quick Claw when you encounter them, as listed in the table below.

Note: Some of these Pokémon can only be found on Pokémon Platinum in dual-slot mode. This was a feature of older-model DS models that included a Game Boy Advance slot, and it unlocked bonuses in certain DS games if the player had a corresponding GBA cartridge inserted.

Wild Pokémon that can Hold Quick Claws
Pokémon Locations
Meowth Trophy Garden
Sneasel Routes 216 and 217, Acuity Lakefront, Lake Acuity, Snowpoint Temple
Sandshrew Wayward Cave (requires Pokémon Leafgreen in dual-slot mode)
Sandslash Route 228 (requires Pokémon Leafgreen in dual-slot mode)
Zangoose Routes 208 and 210 (requires Pokémon Ruby in dual-slot mode)

Quick Claw Effects

A Pokémon holding a Quick Claw has a 20% bonus chance of moving first in every round of battle. It’s a very useful item that can be acquired so early in the game.

In a battle where you and your opponent are evenly matched, a held Quick Claw can make all the difference between victory and defeat.

If a Pokémon is successful in using Quick Claw, a short animation will play before its move.

Note: Quick Claw is not affected by the Moves Trick Room and Stall.

Yellow glow confirming Quick Claw’s / Pokémon Platinum
Animation confirming Quick Claw’s success before a move.

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