RF4 Fertilizer Bin: How To Get It & How It Works

Margaret Introducing Lest to the Fertilizer Bin in RF4

Getting a Fertilizer Bin is pretty straightforward: you just have to start the quest labeled “Make a Fertilizer Bin!”. Although there’s a small chain of requests that you’ll need to complete before you can unlock the Fertilizer Bin quest, and we’ll cover the full requirements in this guide.

And even once you get to the quest, the process of properly using the bin is something that’s quickly glossed over in RF4’s tutorial.

Simply put: the Fertilizer Bin is how you regulate the soil quality in your fields, and we’ll cover everything you need to know in this guide.



To access the request “Make a Fertilizer Bin!”, you’ll need to have completed the following requests first:

  • First Task!
  • How to place furniture!
  • Make Lumber!
  • Make a shipment!
  • Give an item!
  • Purchase Rice!
  • Make Material Stone
  • Try fishing!

How To Get a Fertilizer Bin


Step 1: Accept the Request

Make a Fertilizer Bin! request / Rune Factory 4
Make a Fertilizer Bin! request

After completing the prerequisites mentioned in the section above, talk to Eliza and select the option “May I check the requests?”

If you have already completed the maximum amount of requests you are allowed to in one day, after sleeping, return to Eliza and accept the quest the next day.

Choose the option “Make a Fertilizer Bin!” from your available quests.

Margaret will then teach you the brief basics of using the Fertilizer Bin.


Step 2: Use the Fertilizer Bin

Lest holding a Medicinal Herb in Selphia: Town Square / RF4
Lest holding a Medicinal Herb in Selphia: Town Square

Pick up the Medicinal Herb that is provided from Margaret’s request by pressing the “A” button when the red marker appears over it.

Put it in the Fertilizer Bin by pressing “A” again when the marker over the Fertilizer Bin turns red.

Note: For the chemists out there, you don’t have to put the Medicinal Herb in the Fertilizer Bin if you would rather use it yourself. You can put any type of herb or weed into the Fertilizer Bin for the request!


What Does the Fertilizer Bin Do?

Lest checking the compost level at Selphia Farm / Rune Factory 4
Lest checking the compost level at Selphia Farm

The Fertilizer Bin is used to help increase the soil quality of your fields.

You can check the quality of your fields with the Magnifying Glass, which can be purchased from the Sincerity General Store.

The Magnifying Glass at Sincerity General Store, on the “General Goods” page / RF4
The Magnifying Glass at Sincerity General Store, on the “General Goods” page

Your field’s soil quality can range from 0.0 to 2.0, with 1.0 being “average”.

If you neglect the Fertilizer Bin, the quality will start dropping until it hits 0.0.

The higher the quality, the higher the chance you have of leveling up your crops!

You will know that your Fertilizer Bin is working when you notice that your Compost Level decreases every day and when looking at your fields with a magnifying glass, the quality of your fields increases.


Where Should I Put My Fertilizer Bin?

Interestingly enough, it doesn’t matter!

You can put it anywhere ranging from the fields to dungeons and as long as the fertilizer level is going down, it’s fertilizing all of your fields. This means that you don’t have to worry about managing multiple Fertilizer Boxes, all of your fields benefit from the same one.

Putting your Fertilizer Bin either in your house or near your fields is a popular choice since you collect the majority of weeds and herbs in your fields.


I Broke My Fertilizer Bin, Can I Get Another One?

You can purchase another Fertilizer Bin from Blossom’s Furniture store, which is unlocked by making an Order at Selphia Castle.

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