How To Get the Mountain Villa in SoS: FoMT

Standing outside the Mountain Villa in Story of Seasons: FoMT

You will unlock the Mountain Villa as a gift from your spouse on your 50th wedding anniversary. It’s definitely the hardest unlockable house to get in the game, because you have to wait for such a long time.

Inside of the Mountain Villa you will have a bed, calendar, and a save journal, but no TV. You can also find a Truth Jewel hidden behind the furniture.

The unlockable Villas in Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town serve as resting places for your farmer, as well as extra storage space for all your things. Your spouses or children can’t visit them though, so they’re special areas just for you outside of the farm.

Getting the Mountain Villa

The only thing you need to do to get the Mountain Villa is just get married, and then play for 50 in-game years.

That means that you need to choose a marriage candidate, court them, watch all their heart events, and marry them for the remainder of your time in Mineral Town.

The farmer marries Karen / Story of Seasons: FoMT
The farmer marries Karen. Source

After 50 happy years with your spouse, you’ll be surprised on your anniversary with a new home!

Marie gifts the Mountain Villa to the farmer / Story of Seasons: FoMT
Marie gifts the Mountain Villa to the farmer. Source

The Mountain Villa is located on Mother’s Hill, close to the summit. It will be built on top of the small meadow just north of the bridge.

Mountain Villa Truth Jewel

The farmer finds a Truth Jewel in the Mountain Villa / Story of Seasons: FoMT
The farmer finds a Truth Jewel in the Mountain Villa. Source

Once you enter the Mountain Villa, it will already be furnished with all the normal objects in place.

When you interact with the calendar near your bed in the villa you’ll find a Truth Jewel.

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