SoS: FoMT Complete Guide to Getting Married

Getting married to Popuri in Mineral Town Church (SoS:FoMT)

You can date and marry any of the eligible bachelors or bachelorettes in Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town. But once you get married you can never divorce them after the ceremony, so keep that in mind!

This guide will walk you through all the steps you need to take to marry the villager of your choice.

All Marriage Candidates

SoS: FoMT has 12 normal marriage candidates and 4 special marriage candidates.

The normal marriage candidates include:

And the special marriage candidates are Bon Vivant, the Harvest Goddess, Huang, and Kappa. These special characters will not display heart levels and you can’t experience heart events with them. Instead, you’ll need to complete unique marriage requirements before you can propose.

We’ll first cover the basics of how you get married to the normal bachelors & bachelorettes, then we’ll get into the specifics of how you can marry one of these special candidates.

How Do You Get Married?

In a nutshell, this is all you need to do to get married to any of the regular marriage candidates in SoS:FoMT:

  1. Raise LP to 60,000 with your preferred partner (red heart level)
  2. Experience all their heart events
  3. Upgrade to the Big House and Big Bed
  4. Obtain the Blue Feather
  5. Propose with the Blue Feather

We’ll cover each step of this process in detail below (plus we’ll add some tips along the way!)

How To Date & Raise Heart Levels

Increasing Love Points and raising your marriage candidate’s heart level is simple, but you have to work act it.

The fastest way to do this is to give them daily gifts.

The farmer gives Popuri a wrapped gift / SoS: FoMT
The farmer gives Popuri a wrapped gift.

Depending on the type of gift given, you can earn 300-800 LP per item. You can even wrap the gift for 100 G at the General Store for a 25% LP boost.

Every villager has preferences for different types of gifts, but these are the ones you want to focus on the most:

Type of Gift Love Points Earned Love Points (w/ Gift Wrap)
Favorite +800 LP +1,000 LP
Loved +500 LP +625 LP
Liked +300 LP +375 LP

All Marriage Candidate Birthdays

Giving someone a gift on their birthday will multiply the amount of LP earned by 5x. So this is definitely a good idea while you’re trying to woo your spouse!

The farmer gives Popuri a gift on her birthday / SoS: FoMT
The farmer gives Popuri a gift on her birthday.
Marriage Candidate Birthday
Harvest Goddess Spring 8th
Elly Spring 16th
Bon Vivant Spring 21st
Popuri Summer 3rd
Cliff Summer 6th
Ran Summer 17th
Kai Summer 22nd
Brandon Autumn 7th
Karen Autumn 15th
Doctor Autumn 19th
Rick Autumn 27th
Jennifer Winter 2nd
Gray Winter 6th
Huang Winter 19th
Marie Winter 20th

Raising LP via Talking & Festivals

Another way to increase your heart level is to interact with them frequently. Talking to a marriage candidate will earn 200 LP per day.

There are also festivals you can attend and participate in to get bonus LP.

Festival Date Requirements Love Points Earned
White Day Spring 14th
6:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Purple heart level (10,000 LP) or higher with any male marriage candidate 1,000 LP
Valentines’ Day Winter 14th
6:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Purple heart level (10,000 LP) or higher with any female marriage candidate
Moonlight Night Autumn 13th
6:00 PM – 12:00 AM
Green heart level (30,000 LP) or higher with any marriage candidate 1,000-2,000 LP (with Moon Dumplings)
Starlight Night Winter 24th
6:00 PM
2,000 LP

The Preserved Flower Event (Dating)

Once you reach 20,000 LP (blue heart level) with any marriage candidate, the Preserved Flower event will occur during Autumn.

These are the triggers for the Preserved Flower Event:

  • You have seen a marriage candidate’s blue heart event, or it is Autumn 1st of your first year in Mineral Town
  • It is between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM
  • It is not Sunday or Tuesday

Jeff and Basil will give you a quest to search for the Sunsweet Flower, a special flower that symbolizes romantic feelings. The Nature Sprites will help you find one to take back to Jeff.

The Sunsweet Flower event / SoS: FoMT
The Sunsweet Flower event.

The day after the event, Basil will give you a bag of Sunsweet Flower seeds. You can also buy more seeds from Jeff’s shop if you want to grow them by yourself.

Three days after the Sunsweet Flower event, Jeff will visit you on the farm and give you a sample of his new product: the Preserved Flower.

This item is used to ask marriage candidates out on a date, and it can be repurchased from the General Store for 1,000 G.

As long as you have a green heart or at least 30,000 LP with someone, you can offer them the Preserved Flower.

Popuri's reaction to the Preserved Flower / SoS: FoMT
Popuri’s reaction to the Preserved Flower.

You can give Preserved Flowers to as many marriage candidates as you’d like, which means you can date multiple villagers at once.

Tip: Successfully giving a Preserved Flower to all 12 bachelors and bachelorettes (then getting married to only one after) will unlock an in-game achievement called I Choose You.

Heart Events

Before you can marry your chosen candidate, you’ll need to view all of their heart events in chronological order.

Each new heart level will unlock a special cutscene where you can learn more about the character and their story.

During the event, you may have dialogue options that can increase favor with the character (+3,000 LP) or put you in a bad light if you respond negatively (-2,000 LP).

Here’s a table listing when heart events happen and how much LP is required for each one.

The farmer participates in Popuri’s yellow heart event / SoS: FoMT
The farmer participates in Popuri’s yellow heart event.
Heart Level (Color) Corresponding Love Points Events Unlocked
Gray 0-9999 LP Heart Event
Purple 10,000-19,999 LP
Blue 20,000-29,999 LP Heart Event
Sunsweet Flower Event
Green 30,000-39,999 LP Heart Event
Preserved Flower (dating)
Yellow 40,000-49,000 LP Heart Event
Orange 50,000-59,000 LP Heart Event
Blue Feather unlocked (1,000 G)
Red 60,000 LP or more Heart Event
Proposal + Marriage unlocked

You can experience more than one heart event per day, but you’ll need to see all previous heart events before you can unlock the next one.

Required House Upgrades

Your marriage proposal will only be accepted if you’ve fully upgraded the farmhouse with the help of Gotts.

Interface of Gotts’ workshop / SoS: FoMT
Interface of Gotts’ workshop.

There are two house upgrades you’ll need before you can get married: the Slightly Bigger House and the Big House.

Upgrade Requirements Cost Days to Complete
Slightly Bigger House
  • 150 Lumber
  • 50 Material Stone
3,000 G 3 days
Big House
  • 600 Lumber
  • 250 Material Stone
10,000 G

After the house renovations are complete, you’ll also need to purchase the Big Bed from Gotts for 10,000 G.

Without these farmhouse upgrades or without the Big Bed, your marriage proposal will be rejected as you won’t have space for a new spouse.

Standing next to the Big Bed / SoS: FoMT
Standing next to the Big Bed.

How To Get the Blue Feather

The Blue Feather will become available at the General Store after you’ve completed the orange heart event (50,000 LP) of your marriage candidate.

However, you must have 60,000 LP or a red heart level with your chosen candidate to use the blue feather and actually marry them.

Note: You can only buy the Blue Feather once, as you can’t marry more than one candidate.

Instructions on proposing with the Blue Feather / SoS: FoMT
Instructions on proposing with the Blue Feather.

How To Propose

To propose to someone, equip the Blue Feather from your bag and use the tool to interact with them.

If all the previous marriage requirements have been met, the proposal should be successful and you’ll get to view a special heart event!

Popuri accepts the marriage proposal / SoS: FoMT
Popuri accepts the marriage proposal.

Your Wedding Ceremony

Your wedding will automatically be scheduled 7 days after you propose with the Blue Feather. If the original wedding date falls on a holiday, it will be moved to the next day after the festival.

Carter officiates the farmer’s wedding to Popuri / SoS: FoMT
Carter officiates the farmer’s wedding to Popuri.

After the ceremony, you’ll wake up the next day in the farmhouse with your new spouse to experience the joys of marriage!

Special Marriage Candidates

The 4 special marriage candidates in SoS: FoMT are:

But you can’t gain their affection through the normal routes of courting and romancing in the game.

Instead, you’ll need to complete quests and a series of requirements before you can ask for their hand in marriage.

The farmer gives the Kappa a Blue Feather / SoS: FoMT
The farmer gives the Kappa a Blue Feather. Source

The special marriage candidates pose a difficult challenge, but marrying them is definitely achievable for any player.

Generally, you’ll still need 60,000 LP with each candidate and an upgraded house with the Big Bed. However, each character will have prerequisites that you need to meet before they’ll even consider your hand in marriage.

Here are the specific marriage requirements for each special marriage candidate:

Special Marriage Candidate Marriage Requirements
Bon Vivant
  • Win the Cooking Exhibition 5 times
  • Complete the Gourmet Achievement (cook all 120 dishes)
Harvest Goddess
  • Confess your interest after offering 20 gifts to the Harvest Goddess
  • Reach Year 5 in the game
  • Ship all items
  • Master Angler Achievement (catch all fish)
  • Find all items in the Spring and Lake Mines
  • Obtain Carter’s blessing
  • Collect the Goddess Treasure
  • Buy the Flower Vase
  • View all 3 heart events (Huang’s Shopkeeper Events)
  • Confess your interest after offering 20 gifts to the Harvest Goddess
  • Reach Year 5 in the game
  • Ship all items
  • Master Angler Achievement (catch all fish)
  • Find all items in the Spring and Lake Mines
  • Obtain Carter’s blessing
  • Collect the Kappa Treasure

After all the requirements have been met, you can directly offer them the Blue Feather.

The wedding will commence in Mineral Church after 7 days.

Note: If you marry a special marriage candidate, they won’t stay in the farmhouse with you 24/7. You might see them pop in for a visit during milestones like anniversaries and birthdays.

The farmer marries the Harvest Goddess / SoS: FoMT
The farmer marries the Harvest Goddess. Source

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